Summing up the day before the “Three year Anniversary”


What an adventure I`ve had. Three years of pain pleasure love laughter tears and sadness, all rolled into one. Would I change it? a moment of it? no. I`ve met some wonderful people on this road. And I day for letting me get past the bathtub and razors that was my future. You see when Laya found me and took me to the marketplace, I had already run that bath. placed clean blades on the edge and lit the candles. The spark that lept from that fire, ignited a new passion. One that now means I have a purpose.

I realised that when I met Brace And the rest of the Brightflames™. I realised that I had hope. when I came face to face with an immovable object. And in awe and wonder, I have followed this path with due diligence. Along its winding road. from being 32 ft tall, to have a chest that would scare the shutout of most men, and be a wet dream to lactationists everywhere! I followed My Owner, carefully stepping where she allowed me to tread. Flying riding horses, sailing, motor boats. landscaping, creating. clothing and buildings, cruises and flights. We have done all that I could dream of doing and so much more.

When I look back on the “newbishness” of me, all those years ago, I am sure beyond doubt that Kara would have wet herself to see me flounder so stylishly. Three years in Her collar. And finally, I am beginning to feel that the choices I made Prior to this kneeling strength, were gifted to me as a test of my worthiness. And in Hindsight, I find myself wondering, if these tests of my faith and loyalty, will flower alone or in a conglomeration of the whole package that is being Hers.

I am human, I falter as do we all, when I realised my mistake I pause and evaluate, not for me, but for those that I care about and the impact on my collar. I was asked recently a few questions, that threw me into a debate about my training and knowledge for a few days. The first question I was asked, ” Do you think you could ever take that collar off?” generated a few more, could I? would I ever want to ? if I did would i? could I contemplate doing that? how would that be done? And then the deeper questions started to roll in, Does it make me weak to debate removing such a jewellery item? is that all it is a symbol to keep the control in place?.

Calmness soothes the soul, but these questions continued to snowball into a deeper debate on am i weak to say no? could I stand alone? would I? And then Like a sun peering out behind a cloud I smiled. No, Oh it `s true, I could remove the chains and belt I could ask or beg Her to do so, But WHY the fuck would I do so? She has provided me with more than barbells She has taught me from that first week the words patience loyalty truth honour. She has given me the capable tools to stand on my own, to face the flames. And when the dust settled,l I realised sure I could do it but I do not wish to do so. This adventure is not over. I have so much still to explore.

Then came the second question, ” You have a wife and a girlfriend how does that work ?” So I took a deep breath and then, I vented!

I don`t have a wife and a Girlfriend I have two wives. I am not part of a polygamous sect! Simply put, The evolution of love has brought us three into a three-way contract, which has no boundaries save those imposed by all. And though one of our number, is not physically in this virtual world as often as we all would hope and love due to her real-life commitments, She remains in our hearts and minds in all we do in this second-life.

The people that do not understand this concept, are I find, more often deeply committed to the socially engineered concepts of first life control methods. and I have to point out at this juncture, Second Life by Linden labs a way to give you a Second life without the rules of the first life, would do well to concider polygamous, in their partnership arrangements, Cos I ain’t alone in this !… There Are more people now partnered with more than one person in Second-life than can shake a stick! And for historical correctness, ” Prior to those fucking roman Christians imposing their values on all and sundry by the rule of force! . Three or more was the normal relationship!

All this crap about one man one woman . was designed to Control the herds. Even that bible ( which is a collective work of socially engineered fables and parodies fiction and stereotyped Bullshit that can be traced to the book of “Ei” in first recorded hero story, and then used as a base for law and governments to impose more control on the hoards of people that the same book produced) says so! So Linden Labs IF we are truly in a SECOND -LIFE then can we please PLEASE have a little logical conceptualised thinking.. or at the very least JOIN the dots in the adult dictionary!
Rant over!

In conclusion, The family that we have built around us reflects the wonders of all that life First, second or third life has to offer. We are from all nations, we are from all backgrounds and each offers to the plate a biscuit of truth, of love.

The pillars of our council do not shake in the violence of the storms that rage, Yet in our hearts, we tremble with passion.

I leave this post with the first rule of being a Brightflame™

“Be true to Yourself”



Sturgis … Bikes and Bullshit

29109039117_2f3971d5ff_oSits quietly and types ….” yep that `s right WE did Sturgis! ” and what a week that was. Recently, you might have noticed a few changes to this site, that also includes a few changes to Us. not least of which our body form, NOW before the near do wells moan at me for losing sight of the goal we sought with our former selves, I`m going to make a statement so its clear.

Our goals were all met, we achieved what we needed to a achieve. each in their own way we rise to the challenges set, but time and tide wait for no one, and we are not immune to such a challenge as now is set before us.

You might also have noted that now I carry “Sgt at Arms” patches and a full patch on my back, We were burned rather bad by the betrayal of the former club, and that gave us pause to rethink our life and goals, Now regained our strength, we ran into ( literally speaking ) someone that changed our perspective, and that meeting sparked a whole new direction for us all.


Welcome to Disciples of Chaos MC. And one of the first challenges was to attend Sturgis! A full week of parties, games and catching up with old friends and of course making new ones. Rides down and up and dances through treacle-filled & lag induced beautiful scenery. Mornings spent giggling to Bobby and Discman `s humour. And a good friend in Shelly who we found to be a perfect fit. The week of fun culminated for us in a formal ball gown driven dance. of which the family attended, and was filled with romance.


Our family grows in strange directions, it wraps its arms around those who wish it and protects those that need such a guardian moment. And it teaches us to remember that some people in SL are here to cause trouble and nothing more. One such arsewipe attempted to harras Shelly knowing full well her partner is also a full patch member of the HAMC and even continued when the guy was stood next to her! We closed ranks and solved this tiny fart brained but raggs attempts, as all good sisters would.

Now to other matters. SALOMEE BRIGHTFLAME!!! This last week saw Her soaring into the sky with KTGC. And this week specifically was a memorable one with Luke Flywalker on board, and well I`ll show you the video  ( CLICK HERE IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIVES!!) that has brought so much attention.

How cool is that ??? want to know more?.. come find us at Kyral threndor Glider Club ..


New Bikes! Yes!



ok, so here I`m gonna make a Hells Angel Blush. When we first started riding we rode Q bikes, the best we could find at the time and they served us well. then little arguement over copywrite ensued and Q left. Escorted by LL. Nothing new really that happens all the time when some builder or creator steps over a line, but to Us, it was upsetting because well best damn bikes no longer available. What we didn’t know was that Q had taught all He knew to His Partner. and she went onto build and sell some amazing machines. So coffee morning a game of greedy at Sturgis and I got chatting with this Huge dude, about Q`s disappearance.

One thing leads to another and well the results are underneath. so a Huge Hug and  sparkles to ϯ ÐίSζℳДƝ ℳςÐŏŋŋęĺĺ ϯ HAMC



Now  about  fitting this  sissy  bar…….

I hear your call…


Once in a month, when the moon is full
Some secret place shall ye gather.
Adore the spirit of me who is
Queen of all of the wise
And I hear you calling
Sing and dance
Feast and make love
All in my name
For mine is the spirit in ecstasy
Mine is joy on earth

And I hear you calling
Mine is the secret that opens the door
Unto the land of youth
Mine is the cup of wine, of life

Cauldron of cerridwen
And I hear you calling
I give freedom and I give peace
Reunion with those gone before.
I am the mother of all that lives.
My love is poured on the earth.And I hear you calling
I am the beauty of the green earth
White moon among the stars.
I am the mystery of the waters.
Desire in the hearts of man
And I hear you calling

I call to soul
Arise, come to me.
For I am the heart of nature.
And I give life to the universe.
For I am she
And I hear you calling
From me all things do proceed.
To me they must return.
May your divine, innermost infinite soul
Enrapture be embraced.

And I hear you calling
Let my worship be in your heart and rejoice.
All acts of love are mine.
Let there be beauty, strength, and pleasure
All are my rites
And I hear you calling
And you who think to seek for me
Know that it avails ye not.
Unless you know the mystery
Look deep within

And I hear you calling
For the hunt
I have been with thee
Since the beginning of time.
And I am that which ye shall attain.
The end of desire
And I hear you calling

With My hammer.. pertinent right now don`t ya think?

Oh, you who see injustice all around
But have not the courage to fight or stand your ground
We see but are too scared,
There are not enought of us prepared
To put our lives at risk time and again

And then comes a drop of rain
To the parched lips of a world that needs to feel hope again.

We are dying as a people and a nation.
A third of our people have been killed in 21 years
Of illegal occupation.
10 you. N. Resolutions requesting Indonesia to withdraw
They chose to ignore…

And a woman cries,
“If you are really human
You’ll stop them sending these weapons to our shore! ”

With my Hammer I Break the Chain
I Will Not remain in Silence
I Will Stand and I Will Defend
My Right to Fight Against Violence!

No prison can contain
The Freedom that we gain
When we move through fear

Laws of our civilised land are quite clear;
Selling Weapons to Dictators
To murder, stone, rape and torture
Is Illegal

But there is timber, there is oil
On Indonesian soil
And there’s money to be made from the Arms Trade
Our Boys need Jobs!

She shouted from the rooftops
But not one word of the lie is lost or destroyed
I cannot believe
That you continue to decieve yourselves in this way!

All the people that you paid to make the jet-fighters!

With my Hammer I Break the Chain
I Will Not remain in Silence
I Will Stand and I Will Defend
My Right to Fight Against Violence!

No prison can contain
The Freedom that we gain
When we move through fear

To think to plan they took a year
To build the trust to work through fear
3am on a cold january morning
A ba Warton
No-one saw them no-one gave the warning
Hot jet zh955 came alive to the sound of singing Hammers
The hanging of banners, the scattering of seeds and ashes
On it’s wings
And the women waited to see what justice brings
The Ј2. 4 million damage done
13 Million for a new one

We are not martyrs, or heroines
We owe so much to our friends,
Who held our courage in their hands!

With my Hammer I Break the Chain
I Will Not remain in Silence
I Will Stand and I Will Defend
My Right to Fight Against Violence!

With my Hammer I Break the Chain
I Will Not remain in Silence
I Will Stand and I Will Defend
My Right to Fight Against Violence!

No prison can contain
The Freedom that we gain
When we move through fear

And after half a year in jail
They came before a court of Law
And the truth the jury heard and saw
Stunned them into silence

And then when the verdict came:
“Not Guilty.”
Justice had been done
The celebrating could begin again
Dancing laughing praying weeping crying

In East Timor they danced and laughed and cried somemore
And as the seeds of hope
Begin to settle on the ground
A gentle rain begins to falls

With my Hammer I Break the Chain
I Will Not remain in Silence
I Will Stand and I Will Defend
My Right to Fight Against Violence!

With my Hammer I Break the Chain
I Will Not remain in Silence
I Will Stand and I Will Defend
My Right to Fight Against Violence!

With my Hammer I Break the Chain
I Will Not remain in Silence
I Will Stand and I Will Defend
My Right to Fight Against Violence!

No prison can contain
The Freedom that we gain
When we move through fear

With my Hammer I Broke the Chain
I did Not remain in Silence

Evolution and the new adventure


Yes that’s right evolution, Darwin’s theory mixed with a large scoop of freshly collected lessons means that after we consulted the cosmos, its time for we Brightflames to evolve.

Walking into a flame and crisping the outer surface, removing the oversized filters from our chests, slicing flesh and bone and finally removing the precious hooves that saved us time and again from the dreaded shopping trips.

We all has or reasons for them, now we all have put reasons for the next step in our evolutionary journey. The lessons learned will last a life time, and most likely take postgraduates a standard year to understand and catalogue. But try as they may our reasons fulfilled the very nature of our journey. And we regret nothing!

So now we shop. We explore the new adventure in stores, with “normal”chests and of course the ability to wear clothes previously out of bounds to us. The choices we made the reasons the truths we shared along that journey will not be lost.

For my part the blatant childish remarks and downright rudeness of some sim owners people of supposed wisdom and of course the brain dead will, though not publicised be regarded and kept close.

Indeed one person that was positively disgusting when describing my chest went on to remark that he could never trust anyone with such enormous revolting displays on the front of my body. Which considering everything including the fact I am rather well endowed in real life I should be insulted but to be fair it made me smile to think this was exactly and with due precision the main reason I wore mine as long as I did….. And I feel sorry that this person based his trust upon bra size, has revealed the shadow core of his education. The old saying “pitied rather than scolded” comes to mind but then hey its Hollywood all over isn’t it?

And to the feeling that we must evolve, comes a point that orca tended to remind me, ” if you are going to change it, you might as well change all of it. ” so let’s do just at that!

Family additions include but are not restricted to the following family members;-

Jade “cheeks” Brightflame™ Brigadier General US Marines. President of the Leathernecks MC and Roses daughter.

Salome “Anvil” Brightflame™ Glider Paintress and Lead pilot of the KTGC Sister!

Efini ” Chuckles” Brightflame™ Sister! Braces Daughter.

Nirvaness Brightflame™ Sister !

TJ Brightflame™ Brother!

In addition to this, I have decided to update and upgrade the blog. Yes me darlings it’s time to update picture colors and content. New bodies, New Outlook.

Oh and did I mention? we now have an AWAC fitted aircraft? Yep changes in so many ways BUT one thing remains constant! My love for the trium, the rock that balances the world.

i know i said i wouldn`t but this is important!!!!


thShoe maker Christian Louboutin has won a key European legal battle to protect his products’ signature red soles as a trademark.

The European Court of Justice ruled in favour of the French luxury brand after it sought to prevent Dutch high street chain Van Haren from selling its own versions of high-heeled shoes with red soles.
Its ruling centred on whether the red soles should be considered to consist exclusively of a “shape” – in which case it would not have been entitled to trademark protection.
Louboutin had brought the case in the Netherlands after Van Haren began selling red-soled shoes in 2012, and a district court in The Hague referred it to the ECJ.
The ECJ’s advocate general, who provides legal advice to the court, had found against Louboutin, but the judges rejected this advice.
A “sign” which consists exclusively of a shape cannot be trademarked in EU law.
But the judges found that while a shape does create an outline for the colour on Louboutin’s red soles, that shape was not what the trademark was seeking to protect.
They ruled that the mark at issue “does not relate to a specific shape of sole for high-heeled shoes”.
The “shape” was simply the outline for showing where the colour was located on the bottom of the shoe, the court found.
Having had this point of law settled, the case now returns to the Dutch court for a final judgment.
Founded in 1991, Louboutin, whose footwear typically retails for more than £500, is a high-end fashion favourite made popular by celebrities including the stars of Sex and the City.
The company welcomed the judgment, saying in a statement: “The protection of Christian Louboutin’s red sole trademark is strengthened by the European Court of Justice.”

In 2012, it won a similar case in the US.

The Journey thoughts and views and personal opinions of Rose