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Dutch Barges painting and routes.

So here I was, sitting in Dutch harbor, unloading rations and generally contemplating how I was going to paint a luxe motor. When the thought struck me, maybe I should get my own? Now as readers will know I don't... Continue Reading →


Trois en Un Cpns log

Cpns log 2017-10-19 08:30:34 Loading from Kyral Threndor. Capacity: 192 Barrels (1,920,000 FU) Task: Compacted Barrels to Dutch Harbor wind is nnw at 10 knots sea calm moon clear and high   stars  bright   and  no clouds. Wind   favorable  at   10... Continue Reading →

“On why some choices have been made”

Knowing the truth doesn't make it hurt any less. Indeed accepting a choice that you know to be an unpleasant outcome hurts just as much as the smile you plaster on your face as you forgive those who make the... Continue Reading →

A little sunshine, an orchid and a rose

The last bloom of the roses as summer finally relinquishes it's grip on the world about us. It gives us a rare moment to pause and breathe in the scent of change. The colors change, vibrant green replaces it's hues... Continue Reading →

Choice observations

The moment you know, you find the clarity of balance. In that moment before it passes all the worries slide into a zero density moment, as your world equally finds peace and love. And even the rotation of the world... Continue Reading →

Crewing, time served,  happiness…

One of the most enjoyable times spent so far whilst sailing, has been largely due to the Mistress's 's Gift. She is a Runa IV low lag v 2 replica of her RL counterpart. And it has to be said... Continue Reading →

Happily crying tears of joy….

How could I have missed it? This panorama of pain? This blatantly obvious library of pleasure? These objects of desire that have caused so much debate. You see, the two libraries in question are my breasts. She found a way... Continue Reading →

The Price of war

An Arm, a Leg, a hand, a finger these things we loose in the course of War through accidents and bombs, shootings and knives but do you really think that sealing the wounds with plasters will heal or solve this... Continue Reading →

What I want to see. What you choose to show.

The mirror stands lonely, cold even tainted by the fading sun. It`s dust covered frame, gaudy by comparison with some has chipped paint and knocks to it denting its image. But She touched it anyway. felt its cool shiny exterior,... Continue Reading →

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