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Truth and consequences

The inescapable facts that rotate inside a spinning wheel of truth. Are so overly obvious to those who have lived through the cycle of historical recorded abuse, that it's progression becomes predictable. Such thoughts as these, cloud the senses as... Continue Reading →


‘Everything`s possible’ in Gaelic

Táimid tar éis a ghlanadh amach as an tábla, shábháil na fáltais, Nigh na miasa agus cuir iad ar shiúl iad Dúirt mé scéal duit agus chuir mé faoi stiúir leat Ag deireadh do lá fágtha De réir mar a... Continue Reading →

Julian Aubrey Who was a prominent LGBT rights campaigner. Just words… things I have left unsaid.

Everyday We wake up Realizing that you are gone Reality keeps forcing Us To accept that you are done Finished with all the chaos This earthly world can bring Through with all the pain and problems And all those simple... Continue Reading →

Sealed chapter closed.

Bhrist thu mo chridhe, Bhrist thu an t-earbsa agam, Bhris thu sinn. Thagh thu do dhruim a chur air do theaghlach. Thagh thu do dhruim a thoirt air ais don aisling a tha thu ag iarraidh. Rinn thu na roghainnean... Continue Reading →

It’s not a rant! It’s a statement!

  I thought I had heard just about all the excuses and shallow reasons for not allowing me to participate in a group. Tits too big, you’re likely to scare the kids, hooves? No human only! On and on that... Continue Reading →

Bane Blogs and Greensleeves

" I'm probably 'selfish' to lock you away and only allow me access but you know what? you're mine and I love you!" With this in mind. The visor slid down and locked me away from the world. Bane once... Continue Reading →

Do you think you know me?

Before you read this. Let me remind you. I am Not aiming this at Anyone! If the cap fits you need to remove yourself from my company. And seek some attention. This text is an outpouring a vented truth veiled... Continue Reading →

Current situations and dilemas

"Have you anything to ask? " I barely hear her voice, as I sit with my head in my hands awaiting what I already know to be the facts of the matter. But we shall wait for the consultant with... Continue Reading →

Morning run thoughts and a time for a change.

Early morning the ship lays creaking in the dock, She wants to leave, to be free, to run in the wind and salt sea spray. The dockers with the foulest of language, spitting and jesting and jeering the day as... Continue Reading →

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