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Happily crying tears of joy….

How could I have missed it? This panorama of pain? This blatantly obvious library of pleasure? These objects of desire that have caused so much debate.

You see, the two libraries in question are my breasts. She found a way to enhance our lives once more. Taking two loops of rope attached to ring bolts mounted on my desk, She found two ways to reaffirm our strength.

Most will never understand the sheer joy in pain. You might question the sanity of such a statement, indeed it has been a constant struggle for me to understand the correlation between extreme pain and extreme pleasure. All my life I have wondered and gazed in awe of those who found the glance so precise is the formula that I for one never imagined I would find a point when pain, inflicted on this flesh, would be do severe it would cause the mother of all orgasms to occur.

And yet this is exactly what occurred. Not once but several times. Reestablishing the boundaries, reestablishing the trust, the hope, the dream of future and past locked in an eternal circle of pleasure and pain. The ropes tighten the flesh responds, the once pink now purple blue and yellowed hues of painfully obvious bruises, that I wear with pride, prove its repeated truth.

In world and out here in the reality of this mess we call the “real life” there are too many possibilities too many coincidences, threads that run too deeply between the two world’s, the two lives! To even consider their obvious stark reality’s would take forever. So take small steps, look at the cobblestones of life! Find the chinks of gold hidden in the cracks, and be happy!

We Topless Sailors have a saying, ” have fun you crazy nuts” why? Because laughter cures all, from the frustration of sim borders, to crashes, even to who has rote of way to barge and jostle for a better wind, laughter cures this with consumers ease. So yes be happy! Have fun!

The tears I have she’d, over the foolish points of ritualistic moral and society engineered bullshitting, pale in comparison to the joy and pure pleasure of being a part of your day. Saying hello to a person from Australia and the Untied States on the same hour is a joy! The same goes for the many other countries we all interact with, Holland Denmark, France, Germany, Portugal even the French Canadians! All have this is common.

I share this truth with the knowledge that no matter where you are from, which country holds you, or which nation presides or rules you. I love you each and every one.

I wear the rainbow, for my lgbtq friends, as I wear the bruises for Her, and the smile for you all. My heart belongs to two women, but my happiness is truly shared with your smile.

With love and sparkles I say Happy Equinox… Rose x


The Price of war

An Arm, a Leg, a hand, a finger
these things we loose in the course of War
through accidents and bombs, shootings and knives
but do you really think that sealing the wounds with plasters
will heal or solve this countries woes?
countless enemies in black nights of sleep and dreams so horrific
ensure the deadening voiceless screams go unheard
hands tremble as food and water are consumed by hands once so steady
but would this make a true picture of a returning hero from a foreign war?
turning cold sweats night terrors and pain all wrapped into neat bundles called Vets
Choppers swoop from the skys
mud spraying around
more mud
blood sprays in pretty arcs
cold tired
worn out
News reports new threats
arabs, rag heads, muslims
what does it matter as long as the Jews aren`t persecuted
Isreali  Occupiers true rulers of the world.
America thinks it runs itself so does britain
how wrong could we have been ?
still sitting in wheel chairs,
laying in beds are the partial costs of this sand and oil
laying in lines are black bags
true payment in full
yet you sit there reading this type
drinking this hype whilst doug reed types history
back in fifty six and now enjoys deaths sweat embrace
as trump and that terrorist ‘may’hem do their owners bidding
I slept last night for a whole hour without being sick
I woke to watch a friend have new meds
called another who lost his legs
we`re all awake now
but doctors in white coats
give a minimum drugs and time to heal the wounds due to Cuts they  say
An Arm, a Leg, a hand, a finger
these things we loose in the course of War
through accidents and bombs, shootings and knives
but do you really think that sealing the wounds with plasters
will heal or solve this countries woes?
“Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
– Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.
I think we can be reasonably confident that if the American population had the slightest idea of what is being done in their name, they would be utterly appalled.”
Noam Chomsky
“Conceit, arrogance and egotism are the essentials of patriotism…. Patriotism assumes that our globe is divided into little spots, each one surrounded by an iron gate. Those who had the fortune of being born on some particular spot, consider themselves better, nobler, grander, more intelligent than the living beings inhabiting any other spot. It is, therefore, the duty of everyone living on that chosen spot to fight, kill, and die in the attempt to impose his superiority upon all others.”
Emma Goldman
To date more than 7 billion soldiers of all denominations have died or lost limbs to wars that are currently regarded as illegal or based upon the falsards of a powerful few These wars where covered by lies started by lies perpetuated by lies. and in this “soldier of freedoms”  opinion they will continue, as long as  X factor   and   who   did what to who  with  what    shows  persist in being the   focus of media.


What I want to see. What you choose to show.

The mirror stands lonely, cold even tainted by the fading sun. It`s dust covered frame, gaudy by comparison with some has chipped paint and knocks to it denting its image. But She touched it anyway. felt its cool shiny exterior, made contact with the frame felt its knocks felt its bruises and welts. Then she touched the glass.

Connections between humans are rare to none existent. When the humans are mirrored. When they are perfectly symmetrical in thought mind and desires. This achievement is made by compromise. Those fateful compromises which mean nothing are discarded with ease, but the true compromise is to find the one that matches the perfect fit honed, guided, twisted in its fate. fashioned to make do.

When she touched the glass She found, an exact mirrored image of her desires, her wishes her dreams. The connection was made and couldn’t be undone. Like a friendship that never recovered the ability to see past a choice or word. The flaws are obvious from the previous misuse of the mirror. And yet she touched anyway.

Can it be true? Can it be that we as humans have a mirror lurking in the shadows of life? Surely there is a ploy at work? Some devilish plan to be the more attractive option than the one you have laid out? Worse yet the fear that the person you are talking to, is a figment of your mind.

Sliding her finger tip down the glass. Feeling Her way to the flaws and taints of the reflective surface. Finding no more than that which She is allowed to see. The Truth of her own safety at stake, rejection fear and shame of things she has done. Feeling the touch of Her on her painted glass shield makes her shiver. As both touch the mirror. Both find an image that sits well in the cogs of Their minds.

This Woman touches the glass again and again continued to feel that lingering mystery. And in doing so, She is hoping to capture the beast on the other side of that mirror. And the beast waits to feel the same reflective hopes.



The slice of the blade through soft female flesh

the slice of the blade through soft female flesh
the red drip that follows as if wine was a pure form
the screams of pleasure you gift me
as red rivers run from the penetration
your eyes meet mine
the needle slips through skin
the skin now red accepts the new steel
a ball in place
you nod and smiles
as the corners of your lips curl
eyes meet once more
the silkiness of your labia
the soft permeation of the secretions
the scent of your pleasure
the texture too much for most to behold
the needle is placed once more
you bite your lip
the hood pulled clear
the nub of your life’s pleasure standing now
engorged with the secret lust
I meet your eyes and smile
Are you sure?
yes, you whisper over painted lips.
our eyes lock together
the needle tears through the flesh
the scream of agony almost orgasmic
to my ears and those still awake
the steel loop slides through
the ball is placed
a tear drips down your cheek
thank you Mistress
your words soft like new snow
I smile and kiss your tears away
our pleasure Mine
fingers to new piercings
as our eyes meet

Polygamy, BDSM, and a threatening gender…….

Hello Dear readers, oh my fans dare say it?.yes!!


Today’s post will include but is not limited to, the subject heading. My dear Friend Elisabeth. She once wrote the following. She words it better than I ever could.

“In contemporary US culture, monogamy means two people agreeing to have sex only with each other and no one else. Classical monogamy – a single relationship between people who marry as virgins, remain sexually exclusive their entire lives, and become celibate upon the death of the partner – has been replaced by serial monogamy – a cycle in which people are sexually exclusive with each other for a period of time, break up, and then re-partner in another sexually exclusive relationship with a different person.

Non-monogamy, in contrast, are more diverse and vary by degrees of honesty, sexual openness, the importance of rules/structure, and emotional connection. People who have non-monogamous relationships in the United States range from religious practitioners of polygyny involved in Islam or the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (Mormons) who are often personally and politically conservative, to practitioners of polyamory or relationship anarchy who tend to be personally and politically liberal or progressive. Especially among the more liberal groups, there is significant overlap with other unconventional subcultures such as Pagans, geeks, gamers, science fiction enthusiasts, and practitioners of BDSM (previously known as sadomasochism, also termed kinky sex or kinksters).


Some people see any non-monogamous relationship as adulterous, regardless of whether or not both partners have consented to have sexual interactions outside the committed couple. I argue that transparency matters and consensual nonmonogamy (CNM) is qualitatively different from non-consensual non-monogamy, or cheating. The two relationship categories also have distinctly different outcomes for the people involved: not only do consensual non-monogamists try to tell each other the truth, but this greater communication has real impacts, such as greater rates of STI transmission among non-consensual non-monogamists than among consensual non-monogamists. Many non-monogamists rely on honest communication to negotiate consensual agreements that allow a variety of ways to have multiple partners.

Even though contemporary society agrees that cheating is undesirable, people still do it regularly. Scholars estimate that approximately 20-25 percent of ever-married men and 10-15 percent of ever-married women admit to having an affair at some point in their relationship. Cheating has gotten easier, as technology has expanded opportunities for infidelity by helping us find our old high school crushes on Facebook or casual encounters on Craigslist and OKCupid. Defining cheating can be quite difficult because it may include a wide variety of behaviours that are not directly physical sex, from sending virtual flowers to video chatting on Skype, or a “chaste” lunch date with no physical contact but an emotionally intimate conversation fraught with repressed passion to paid phone sex with a professional.


Alongside (and even predating) monogamy, cultures throughout the world have long practised polygamy — a form of marriage consisting of more than two persons. The most common form of multiple partner marriage is polygyny, a marriage of one husband and multiple wives who are each sexually exclusive with the husband. Worldwide, Muslims are those who are most likely to be polygynous, with the highest concentrations of contemporary polygyny in the Middle East and parts of Africa. Polyandry –a marriage of one wife to multiple husbands — is far more rare, as marriages between one woman and multiple men have received less social, political, and cultural support than having polygynous relationships.


Open relationships are varied enough to be an umbrella term for consensually nonmonogamous relationships based on a primary couple who are “open” to sexual contact with others. The most common form of open relationship is that of a married or long-term committed couple that takes on a third (or sometimes fourth or fifth) partner whose involvement and role in the relationship is always secondary. A couple practising this relationship type might engage in sexual activity with the secondary partner together or separate, or they may each have independent outside relationships with different secondary partners—regardless of the specific parameters, the primary couple always remains a priority. Generally rooted in specific rules, expectations, and communication between those involved, open relationships may take a variety of forms and may evolve over time as needed to meet the needs of those persons involved. Swinging, monogamish, polyamorous/poly-fidelitous, and anarchistic relationships can all be considered “open.”


Among recognized or intentional forms of non-monogamy, swinging is the best known and most popular. Most broadly, swinging involves committed couples consensually exchanging partners specifically for sexual purposes. It is tremendously diverse, ranging from brief interactions between or among strangers at sex parties or clubs, to groups of friends who know each other and socialize for many years. Begun as the practice of “wife swapping” among US Air Force pilots after World War II, swinging has spread across the globe and become quite popular on the Internet. Generally a heterosexually-focused sub-culture, swingers have a reputation for being much more open to “girl on girl” same-sex interaction but often explicitly reject sexual contact between men at swing clubs or parties.


Popularized within the last few years by Dan Savage, monogamish relationships are those in which a couple is primarily monogamous but allows varying degrees of sexual contact with others. As with other non-monogamy, rules structuring these external sexual contacts vary by couple: Some allow only one-night stands (no second time with the same person) or only specific kinds of sexual activity (ie. kissing and groping are OK but no intercourse) and others have time (no more than a week) or location limitations (only when people are traveling or not at home).

Polyamory and Polyfidelity

Polyamory is a relationship style that allows people to openly conduct multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships simultaneously, ideally with the knowledge and consent of all involved in or affected by the relationships. Polyfidelity is similar except that it is a closed relationship style that requires sexual and emotional fidelity to an intimate group that is larger than two. Polyaffective relationships are emotionally intimate, non-sexual connections among people connected by a polyamorous relationship, such as two heterosexual men who are both in sexual relationships with the same women and have co-spousal or brother-like relationships with each other.

Relationship Anarchy

Given the anarchist nature of this relationship philosophy, it is difficult to pin down an exact definition of relationship anarchy (RA), but two themes appear regularly in the writings of people who discuss it. First, relational anarchists are often highly critical of conventional cultural standards that prioritize romantic and sex-based relationships over non-sexual or non-romantic relationships. Instead, RA seeks to eliminate specific distinctions between or hierarchical valuations of friendships versus love-based relationships, so that love-based relationships are no more valuable than are platonic friendships. Each relationship is unique and can evolve as participants require; if the conflict arises, people deal with the issues or the relationship comes to an end. Because love is abundant, people can have many concurrent meaningful and loving relationships that are not limited to the couple format.

Second, another important theme within RA is the resistance to placing demands or expectations on the people involved in a relationship. Whereas swingers and polyamorists often create specific rules and guidelines to structure their relationships, RA rejects such rules as inevitably leading to a hierarchical valuation of some partners over others. In RA, no one should have to give anything up or compromise in order to sustain a relationship; rather, it is better to amicably separate than to sustain an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship. ”

Got all that? now we go deeper…In this (large, robust) kink-community, “The Lifestyle” It is unusual to find kinksters who are not at least non-monogamous, with many being full poly. I am the outlier as a polygamous person. There is also a large poly community, and kink is definitely not required.

Your Kinks not my kink but Your kinks ok ….remember? So anyway, not sure if that makes sense? Non-poly kinksters are uncommon, non-kink poly people are common.


I suspect this is because people often have clear likes and dislikes in kink. Both from socially engineered aspects, and the aspect that they desire things that the ” normal people” don’t see as valid and they do see as taboo..Being poly makes this easy, as no one person needs to tick all the boxes. Everyone is satisfied, it can be a great arrangement.

I’ll comment on a few of your other questions from messenger and email.

I know of two very prominent couples in both communities (kink and poly) who have 24/7 power exchange relationships. Both have partners they are married to and additional slaves. I know that the poly couple allows at least some of the slaves to have other partners. The kink couple, at least one of their property dates freely. Both in the kink couple have other partners for certain. I’m fairly certain the poly couple is firmly Master/slave, the kink couple…I know one identifies as a switch, Just as I do, however, I think in my humble opinion of course, “empathetic compassionate but imperfect beings as we are, could you think of a more comparable or compatible balance? than Two switches searching for answers together? Both not wishing to step closer than the other allows?. Surely such a combination would become enjoyable and educational to both? I cannot see the other to submitting to anyone else, As she has already found her hearts desire in that respect, but I would never speak to private thoughts.

In both cases, absolutely everyone knows everything. Consent is a HUGE thing, so there’s no way something like that would ever be hidden. Indeed the open ness of this brings a stable balance to the equation.

On the counterpoint Not doing so, Not being open and honest about this point, brings the other partners to a point where they see the out side person trying to get into their relationship as a threat, and this is multiplied by the out side person, in this case, being transgendered. “Another woman threatens our partnership and stability. ” Personally I cannot see this as a valid point. Mainly because adding to a pool of awesome ness and not subtracting has to be a good goal in the terms of relationship evolution.

For the domination question, that’s all about what you negotiated. If you allow your sub/slave/property to be used by others, that’s cool. If you don’t, that’s cool too. Your kinks Not my Kink but your kinks ok. Only works if you truly adhere to it believe it and trust it to be a truth! I happen to be in a situation where, such things Can be discussed and negotiated, with a balanced and fair Owner.

Although non-monogamy is very common, it is in extremely poor taste to go up to a random collared person and assume you can play with them. Some S-types (submissives) are allowed to do their own negotiation, some D-types( Dominants) insist a potential partner approach them. And Any one in these situations is advised to at the very least talk the matter through completely with the lead or Dominant person of the relationship before such an attempt is made.

Either way, grabbing a random is quite likely to get you banned from organized events. As in RL so in SL.

I am in a triad, a fantastic one, FFF. The three of us do engage in kink as we’re all lifestylers The other F is a slave bottom so she has two play partners to explore that with, and everything is great. The Relationship expands when and contracts, as any relationship would do, over time, and we are currently expanding. Something we Brightflames™ are well known for;)

I`m Sorry for such a long blog post, But, No actually I am not sorry, this needed to be said. Nor will I ever be sorry I think, for standing up against socially engineered morality!. I remain Rose Brightflame™



Opinions, adventures, rope, tits and wind…

Just when you think the world about you is growing perfectly on schedule, someone comes along and shows you starkly and abruptly, that what you think you know are really just smoke and mirrors.

Having relationships that span an eternity, or a microcosmic hour of joy, can be the exact same way. Some people provide a convenient safe harbour to moor in, whilst others are more treacherous. They have a ready made web created to lure you, to hold you, to enslave you. But the truth in these cases is usually far from the face you see smiling down on you.

There are many ways to test this, but the evidence speaks for itself. It is not the way they react to obvious question’s, this can be mimicked, but more over their reactions to declarations that show you their truth. Suddenly appearing with old long forgotten rules to keep their distance, constantly actively ignoring a set of close friends, for example, to divide loyalties and destroy trust, as a close friends partner has  done recently.

Combine these together, and what you get at the end of the recipe, is a person presenting a smoke and mirror, to get their goals achieved. I had a “Mistress” for nearly a whole year who proved this time and again as  mentioned in a previous post . The problem is to other’s She was the nicest possible person, outgoing generous to a fault, yet the reality was and is rather different. She was concerned not with the lifestyle but how to get their cock or tongue onto fresh meat, and then to use those She owned, for so many depraved reasons.

For all Her statements of none commitment in a direction, She ended a long term friendship and collar of a dear close friend,  with a single line. No aftercare, no thought of feeling, without a care for a woman that loved Her, nothing. And yes it is true that whilst this is a Mistresses prerogative, combined with the other historically proven evidence, She fits the bill perfectly, Of course, those of us left to pick up the pieces also have to deal with the comfort and compassion of a person who truly loved and trusted this Domme.

This state of affairs got me to thinking about how many are real and how many are just sadistic and sick, twisting the very lifestyle so many of us turn to both in real and virtual terms, into something that when you peel the surface of it away, you find invariably that its a mechanism to deploy humiliation and sadism with scent or no regards for the victim.

Is it a paradox then? That if you take away d./s ( domination and submission) from BDSM you end up with the same resulting lack of care for the toys that these people use? How strange to think of any of the events and indeed teachings from the knowledgeable texts to a spoken mantra that should always conclude to the safety and responsibility of care to the bottom in every situation regardless of rank or station? Or am I missing a point?


Oh My Days, what a tale to tell, as I sailed the ocean blue, with a third of the sexiest crew…. Could it get better? Without My Petal, and her ridiculously fast time on our home track( which I haven’t forgotten and will have words about !!! Congrats WIFE!) Oh, How I miss my French love. I was thinking of this today as we sailed. With hair blowing in the virtual wind, Mistress on deck pointing out the route, setting the course for the long run home. Could it get better? YES. IT could and DID!

“How long till we reach Threndor First?” The question threw me as we left the Von Trip marina. “Ummm, about 25 minutes Mistress, give or take for borders.” Her look changed to a smile, as Her mind ran faster than mine obviously! “ Time to get the rope out “ This new turn of events changed my smile to a broad grin. And out came the ropes.

My top removed, the rope was cool on the skin, wound tightly around both breasts and tied off in the centre. Her whim became a new adventure, as my breasts turned a shade deeper and finally then purple, feeling them tighten, feeling them ripen and milk start to seep from my nipples. I cannot describe the feeling adequately. A mixture between pain, restraint, excitement, and a fair amount of lust. As the body tries to push blood to the affected area, the swelling starts. Pressing the nipple taught, the breasts now resembling a mushroom on each stalk. Standing out proudly as I attach the rope to the chair arms. And I narrowly miss Ahabs dinosaur.

Swinging us north east, I hoisted the spinnicka. Feeling them swell and ebb under such a tight restraint, was only heightened when She added a flick of the nipples each in turn, and I moaned louder than a fog horn. I am sure My neighbours think I am some kind of sexual dynamo. Listening to so much loud pornography, if only they knew! It is not the video`s making that noise it`s Me. Every Movement translates through the breasts. Now an unusual shade of purple. As we head through the shallows and close quarters of the border at quidd.


She had to pick that moment to flick the tips of my nipples, and I had to choose that moment to nearly shoot us through a ban line, as I almost came. I am not ashamed to say I was so close. Without touching my clit, I was within moments of the pain translating itself into a dream like state of pleasure, feeling my clit stiffen and exposed from the hood, against the guard on the chastity belt I wear. By the time we almost hit the ancient pyramid, I was in ecstasy. How can I have missed such an opportunity to sail this way? How could I have missed such an adventure? The thoughts reeled as milk flowed freely from my breasts, And I became so close to orgasm without touching my clit, that I am still and shaking as I type this.

Of Course, She didn’t allow that orgasm to take place, Rescuing my mind long enough to steer us home, to release them from their confines, and let them recolour, I screamed as they were released. The pain so intense, the emotions running so high, My love for Her knowing no more boundaries. Her choices as ever obeyed now without question or hesitation. Can it get any better?

Yes, it can, as we reached Threndors shoreline, She said “ Well We shall have to do this more often” And I almost came AGAIN.


Normally I would end a post with a simple line about sparkles and love, today I part this blog with a thought and prayers for Florida, and the Islands to the south of those untied states, which is by current blunt predictions, about to get a severe arse whipping by mother Gia, as the next hurricane makes land fall. So our thoughts hopes and prayers are with all the victims of Irma and her two sisters.. Gnight all.



History, past and present, confessions of a ponygirl

“The challenge this month” said the lady on the podium, ” is as follows. ” She pauses for effect then speaks to the trainees, “red head, at least twelve months in world, partnered, ‘in love openly on profile’ naked, obedient, that means quiet to you new people, and kneeling at the next staff meeting” She looks up to find the usually) suspects smiling back at her.

“She gets to pick the next challenge, because you are here and She won the last challenge with you,” and as the girl next to me whispered that into my message box, the penny dropped. I’d told my then partner, I was at a staff meeting for the upcoming pony show, don’t wait up for me, who knows how long these things last. I still remember the kisses, sincerity of her as I said this lie to her, I knew it was, because I was told what to say, by the lady on the podium.

Oh it started put genuine and easy enough. She won me over with Her knowledge of the topic, Her way was insidious. Tiny steps towards the goal. I was exhausted mentally and physically. An easy target for her plan, for the challenge. By the time I had seen Her ploy, I was already in too deep. Though it was embarrassing to admit, some acts she talked me into were caught on pictures, some logs kept. And by the time I was ready to partner, She had enough to set Her own Challenge and of course not wishing to disclose the retch I had become to my new partner, like a fool I won Her challenge for Her.

In winning that moment for Herself, She caught me in the trap. How to tell my partner that I had misled Her, or Why I had done so was unthinkable and for the second time in my second life, I contemplated leaving. Then came the coup de gra..

Plans made to get together after our meetings where done, fell apart when, knelt next to each other blindfolded and chained, She and Her best Friend Won their challenge. Both had seduced one partner each. Into this web of bondage.

Moments turned to years in those few moments when the blindfolds were removed. I saw my partner, she saw me. And we both logged out. When I logged in, I cleared my friends list, of those I could never face again, cleared the online lists revoked all permissions dropped collar and bolted to a friends castle.

Wallowing in self pity, I summed up all my life in second life, and real life, and in my mental exhaustion. Made plans to end this wretched life in both directions. Seeing no way out of the mess online or offline, I was within hours of executing my plan, when a Huge giantess in white came to say hello. She talked me into visiting Her home, and there I met my current world.

History in the making, adventures with no sleep, and medications all contributed, to my stepping way from being in the elite group of pony trainers, and their staff meetings and control methods are I am sad to say, still in play with those who play the challenge games still. Evidence is rife, from the rumors we hear in the wind.

BSL and the Braidwood Academy!

My deep psychological predilections for sexual partners….

I should warn readers, this post will affect you in ways you probably won’t enjoy, and that will more than probably change your view of me as a person, not just in second life but in real life as well. It will raise issues that are not only taboo in nature but illegal in many countries, there for I advise you, dear reader, to enter this post and read it at your own risk.


My deep psychological predilections for sexual partners comes from the ideal aspect of my youth. I came to this conclusion after a recent discussion with my dear sister, which as the debates and discussions go often covers many topics. During this discussion, we achieved a point where my understanding of why I pick, who I pick to be sexual with, and in most cases is directly responsible for, my current situations.

She says “we don’t discuss age in this debate” And yet the truth is blatantly obvious that She is older than I am. And this got me to thinking about, who else was blatantly older than I was, or obviously older than I am. When you think hard about the reasoning why , and add the equations that My sister came up with to solve the riddle, what you come up with is the fact that My deep psychological predilections for sexual partners stem directly from my own first life history.

In Short, I prefer older mature women. Then a without warning, a thought struck me as I recalled all those partners that had worked and the ones that didn’t. ” It`s not just women in the biological sense though is it rose?” And that thought hit me harder than any other. Because of the ramifications of that fact, is that it calls into direct conflict my sexuality. I am a Lesbian. So why would I add this thought to the list? Wandering through the archives of my past, in a separate discussion with a dear and trusted friend, I noted rather off handily as it turns out, that my last four serious sexual relationships, outside the current marriage in sl, have all been with Transgendered Women. Women trapped in a man’s body, in real time, who allow their truths to be revealed in second life. Does this make me bisexual?

I pondered this for some time, racking my brain to reasoning, to see the in`s and outs of each relationship and to make sense of the conundrum that my sister had set into motion with her debates and discussions. The conclusion as She had pointed out in the first instance is that “My deep psychological predilections for sexual partners come from my past.” However, I do not feel nor remember ever sleeping with a man dressed as a woman or one that identified as tg. And as naive as this may sound, I never knew Kara ( my stable mate for eight years ) was TG until after her death and a meeting with her parents,  revealed  the truth. Which in a round about way concludes the debate on my sexuality.

You see at the end of the day those women that I fancy, the same ones I fall for or have fallen for int he past, have all been Women, their bodies may not have been but their hearts and minds are or were at least female. And that is what My mind locked into. not the physical attributes but the mental ones. Finding this truth settled the questions of my sexuality, and allowed me to sleep easily in my bed. Knowing that the two women I am married to in sl , one of which I own the other I am Owned by, are both females in all aspects. gives me a calming feeling, not because if they were anything else that the feelings would change or end, but a rock or in this case two of them to hold onto, to focus upon, give me strength.

Of course the following morning I was then faced with the original question that was never completed or answered. Why do I prefer older women? The history of my youth and sexual awakening in Magdalene`s laundries with a nun may be the direct cause of this. Indeed growing from nine to twelve without parents, gives those precious questions no room or safe person  to ask, to rust   enough to ask or and there was no forums  or  blogs to read  and   search for answers as there is  these days that NEEDED to be asked you know those  questions,  the ones you need ask only those who birthed you or who allowed you to grow, and in the nineteen  seventies  in Northern Ireland and specifically in a   Laundry    run by Catholic  nuns….   there was no such outlet. Until I was befriended by a much older lady in a habit.

Now you might call it grooming, or child sexual abuse, and I wont be a hypocrite and say that both thoughts didn’t enter my life at that time, nor that both the actions of others and myself at that time could be seen as child sexual abuse and exploitation, in deed the “Maggies” is a special case and breed of such crimes against humanity are well documented inside the catholic church. And I will state, the  aftermath of them closing  brought some journalists to my door to  accuse me of  being  victim of the terrifying and historically  documented crimes  against  humanity that occurred in these dens of inequity! But my relationship with one special Nun was the birth of my deep psychological predilections for sexual partners, activities and my sexual awakening. In Short, and with my then teen aged mind set and with my complete approval, consented to  a mutually  beneficial relationship,  which did result in sexual activity,  in short, She took My virginity. We remained romantically linked even at such an early stage of my life for the period nearly all women will recall as ” their formative years.”

Now, while that bombshell sinks in, let’s point out that “formative years,” is an intense time for any girl or I guess for any boy. But certain links in the brain, fall into place in a way which changes one for all time, yes they can be deprogrammed from a mind, but the instinct that these precious moments set out, hard wired into the kernel of my brain. The further examination of these events, caused me to pause when it hit me, ” She was a red head as I was, She was an older woman, with a more mature and fully grown body. She preferred women to men, She liked candles ( inserts blush as that as the object in question that I lost my prize too) Vegetables, and other objects inserted into the vagina. I hear jokes about people pleasuring themselves with produce, and to be frank, I chuckle knowing how much I still enjoy the odd .. ok where was I?

The similarities between Her likes and dislikes and Mine, even though with years of experience I now have a much broader range, both from technical advances, and evolution of products, the similarities and coincidental obvious, blatant, copied and in my mind at least hard wired into my brain, predilections, come from Her.

We Should I suppose deal with the child molestation and possible abuse issue that most of you well adjusted and morally socially engineered, human beings are currently rolling in your mind. Let’s start with that statement.

Social engineering says ” The age of consent to any form of sexual activity is 16 for both men and women. The age of consent is the same regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of a person and whether the sexual activity is between people of the same or different gender.

It is an offence for anyone to have any sexual activity with a person under the age of 16. However, Home Office guidance [1] is clear that there is no intention to prosecute teenagers under the age of 16 were both mutually agree and where they are of a similar age.

It is an offence for a person aged 18 or over to have any sexual activity with a person under the age of 18 if the older person holds a position of trust (for example a teacher or social worker) as such sexual activity is an abuse of the position of trust.

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 provides specific legal protection for children aged 12 and under who cannot legally give their consent to any form of sexual activity. There is a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for rape, assault by penetration, and causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

The age of consent to any form of sexual activity is 16 for both men and women so that any sexual activity between an adult and someone under 16 is a criminal offense. The age of consent is the same regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

There are possible defenses if the sexual activity does not involve penetrative or oral sex. These are if the older person believed the young person to be aged 16 or over and they have not previously been charged with a similar offense, or the age difference is less than two years.

Sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal) and oral sex between young people aged 13–15 are also offenses, even if both partners consent. A possible defense could be that one of the partners believed the other to be aged 16 or over.

Guidance from the Scottish Government acknowledges that not every case of the sexual activity in under-16s will have child protection concerns, but young people may still be in need of support in relation to their sexual development and relationships.

A range of specific offenses protects children under 13, who cannot legally give their consent to any form of sexual activity. The maximum penalty could be life imprisonment for rape, sexual assault, sexual assault by penetration, or causing a young child to participate in sexual activity. There is no defense that the accused believed that the child was older.” unquote.

As any one who has read anything in this blog will tell you I DO NOT Agree with socially accepted engineered morality. HOWEVER, I draw your eye`s to this paragraph ” Guidance from the Scottish Government acknowledges that not every case of the sexual activity in under-16s will have child protection concerns, but young people may still be in need of support in relation to their sexual development and relationships.”


And I rest My case! Now breathe out .. and let’s lighten the burden you think I dropped on you today



People don’t REALLY jerk/jill off with fruits and veggies…do they? OH YS THEY DO! Just wondering though, do the jokes start like this?”A veggie walks into a vagina, and says, ‘What’s cooking?'”OK, bad one, but I had to get it out. Oh  hush my mouth ..    R x♥x




Roses Note,  As I have  been reminded  just now!,  My  younger readers…  (  who should not be reading  adult blogs!!!!At all  EVER!  ).  If you have been sexually assaulted, OR you think  you might have been sexually assaulted, regardless  of YOUR AGE  it is important to remember it is not your fault. If any of the issues or topics in My blog  ring alarm bells in Your mind. please don`t bottle this up.  It took me a long time to realize that I was too young to do the  things I  did , HOWEVER  my circumstances  are NOT yours!

You should tell someone you trust about what has happened so that you can get the help and support that you need. You may want to get help from a friend, a parent/carer, teacher or youth worker. What  ever you  do,  dont  do NOTHING,   letting things fester,  in your mind will corrupt YOU It WONT hurt them in the slightest..    remember above all else   Be True To YOU,   Protect YOU,



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