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No words are needed…except Miss You Martin

Beans on Toast

Some say the devil is dead

So. Listening to the radio, as I sip my morning tea on the roof of my home. I couldn’t help but burst into fits of giggles.  The song was one, that was augmented from an earlier rendition. But some kind person ha updated the lyics to include terrorist mayhem ( my name for our current unelected prime minister) and Jeremy Corbyn ( leader f the labour party and I think next full elected Prime Minister! ) The song was very sarcastic.  And while I loved it’s sentiments.  It carries with its fine tune, a very stark reminder of just how totally screwed up this countries political system is, and in my mind, I am thinking of holand if terry gets in! 

This morning is cruise 242 for the rsyc.  And now I have changed from 64bit firestorm to 32bit. The system seems more stable. And I am hoping gives more stability of some borders. Which remain a constant headache. This change also means I should be able to take a few more pictures to share the giggles, delights, and tears with you all.

Today,  If the cosmos decides I  have been “good” petal might log in earlier.  So we can spend some time together.  I miss my french petal amour. Perhaps more than she realizes.  Managed to get a message through to my sister Laura.  So coffee morning will be scheduled and a very long overdue catch up session is on the cards. 

Will try to update this later.  But for now, love light peace and giggles to you all.

OKOK a bloggy !


Yes It has been a while since my last post, Health and other things have kept me at a chaotic turmoil which kept me from posting. This morning I sat at the rally site for Harley Heaven MC and got berated by my sister for Not posting. She is, of course, Most correct in her words and I am humbled and honoured to Have her as my sister.

Whilst it`s true that we have all evolved a little more than we might wish to admit. Some things in this world do not change. My Love for my family and friends grows with each day that passes. And I am rather honoured to be a part of such a family. That looks out for each other, and that cares enough to stand up to the hard headed Irish woman.

Sailing news, YES, We still sail! Topless Cruises are taking off again and Monday saw another awesome Cruise submitted by Brace. A good time seemed to have been had by all, And a venue found Steam Powered Hamster by the amazing Brandi, was our party place this week. Music was multinational flavours from the outstanding Arjuna.

We also sailed the RSYC cruise 241 supplied by Kregster! Fire and Ice. was the order of that cruise and It was a good run in calm seas! even if some of us got stuck in the ice flow:P But the ever effervescent Bianca, bolstered our humour, and a good time was had by all.

Sitting on a rally site, on the new truck! Gives me time to think. And that is usually a very bad idea:P but in this case, its produced a few ideas towards the future. And perhaps a few ideas. On the past and were history should lay to rest. Perhaps It may soon be time to Hang up My fangs. Which has weighed heavily on my mind for a while now. Perhaps it is past time. Something to think on harder I think.
Also, I was pondering the idea of refining my inventory ( a scary thought for most!) But perhaps time to slide most of the formal dresses and outfits into a storage yard.



Till next  time .. Love  and sparkles   to  you  all ..

I  remain Rose Brightflame™ Sgt at Arms for the Black Cranium MC

catching up…..

Inspired, as I am to sit here and wax lyrical ballads of flowery truths to entwine with your soul and ensnare the mind. Perhaps it might be better, to simply sit down and have a little chat. Ya know? just you and me.


Sometimes surprises still occur in second life, and sometimes those surprises, mean more to a person than words can tell. History teaches us that ” what goes around, comes around” and the cosmos taught me, ” everything comes to those who wait” My Life on second life is no exception to this rule.

Sgt At Arms, Rose Brightflame™ of the Black Cranium MC, said today after her promotion ” I am honoured and humbled to serve Our club.” oh didn’t I mention it? I got a promotion.

Enforcer Brace Brigthflame™ of Black Cranium MC was seen to smile at her advancement, oops I might have also forgotten to mention this one too. Yes, She got a promotion.

So we visited a rally site recently. For like, seven whole days! And during the course of that rally, we met a guy called Parkin Storm. Now for those of you that don’t know, Parkin Storm, owns the SSC a rather good bike builder-vendor. Not only was he nice enough to sell me Brace and Petal our own new bikes… But he then went on to add Our patch details, and customise the bikes to be completely unique. So if you see SSC on a vendor or stand Go take a look because the items he`s got for sale are rather awesome.

The observant amongst you will note, I haven’t been keeping up to date with my blog posts lately. I would apologise, but hey I warned youat the start it would be hit and miss. The main reason is for my shoddy blogging, I`ve been in and out of hosp in real time. In fact, that is where I am writing this post from, to be honest. As I was admitted on Monday.34170853781_0a5c45fedb_o


The world turns, And time doesn’t stand still. Now with it Breezes of our Life. Whispers amongst the leaves of time. and Sparkles of love to each and everyone of you. I remain Rose Brightflame™33486951313_f96b1062dd_o

a Childs Mind

“we are when we are so young, a un bloomed flower under the sun, we start to blossum we dont know why, whats the point who am I , we change we grow which way to go whats wrong what right how will we know, who will we trust who will we love could it be the man above, he will guide you when you are lost, give you strength with out no cost, so chose you right path in life be strong, have will, be who you are and with a strong mind you will be sure to go far.”


Angel  Beerbaum, a hidden  tallent. and   a good sister

Summer in dublin

Take me away from the city and lead me to where I can be on my own,
I wanted to see it, and now that I have, I want just to be left alone,
I’ll always remember your kind words, and I’ll still remember your name,
But I’ve seen you changing and turning, and I know that things won’t be the same.
I remember that summer in Dublin, and the liffey as it stank like hell,
And the young people walking on Grafton street, and everyone looking so well,
I was singing a song I heard somewhere, called “Rock ‘n’ roll never forgets”,
When my hummin’ was smothered by a 46a and the scream of a low flying jet.
So I jumped on a bus to dun laoire, stoppin’ off to pick up my guitar,
And a drunk on the bus told me how to get rich.
I was glad we weren’t goin’ too far.
So I’m leavin’ on Wednesday morning tryin’ to find a place where I can hear
The tunes of the birds and the sea on the rocks, where open roads always are near,
And if sometimes I tire of the quiet, and I want to walk back up that hill,
I’ll just get on the road and stick out my thumb.
I know that you’ll be there still.

Monday news….

Well the cosmos has once more shared both wisdom and logic, to its humbled vessel. For regular followers of my scribelings, will recall a post some time ago, where I detailed My frustration on two outstanding being zz bottom, and the situation there which has not changed much to be fair, but we live in hope!
The second situation was and is the silver tonged devil, who has haunted my desire for so long. And here the cosmos decided to take a hand in altering the paths and agendas of the great plan. It yet again showed me and others around me, that the great work does reward those who are patient, those who do not push, and those who accept.
So it is with the greatest of humbled honour that I say, yes I have the silver tounged one, securely under lock and key. And I have to say, I am loving every second of that adventure. How it happened is not for me to judge, why it happened is not for any speculation, that it happened is a cause for celebration.
And so we come to other business. In this case Topless cruises. Monday see’s the launch of the first of our ( MINE AND BRACES) cruise.  To say its nerve racking, waiting to see if it works out well, is an understatement of monumental proportions. So many things can and do change and go wrong before the staggered start times. But to be fair, we have our Dj booked, we triple checked and then added an independent sailor to check it, and fingers crossed we have done,all we can. So in short lets hope it works ok.

Today I saw petal. Today I was reminded how much she misses our times together, and yet I am also reminded in a timely fashion, just how much I truly love and admire this lil french maiden. Her charm is way more than skin deep, her sence of morality, and justice tainted with her sense of real time love and fairness, speaks volumes.
One of my sponsored sisters today passed her task list and got full patched.of which I am understandably honoured and proud to have helped. And it would not be complete without mentioning the wedding , the rez day and the bday!  The wedding of two angels is always emotional, but rather, as the emotions run like tears and mascara, she got her man, and he became happy.

We of the Black Cranium MC WW™ wish Raze and Aurora, the very best wishes and long roads.


SO.. its been way too long, and I apologise for neglecting you all, so much. So many things have happened since we last spoke. From the advances of the MC to the personal achievements of the Brightflames, and through to the promotions.

Let`s start with the MC. black Cranium MC attended Rally in the valley. a four-day event where most of the MC`s that mean anything attends the show and shows off their bikes. Indeed we were no different. David got a new bike:P even if it does need oil. We showed the four days, and acquired new friends.


As with any MC, it`s a family that evolves some leave us, some join us. Such is the life span of any group I feel. But the overall feeling is that the Rally brought us closer. melted the friendships. into a Family. One I am proud to be a part of.


Personal achievements, well, lets see, Our wife Petal become a full patched member of the MC. of which I am SOOOOOOO proud.

I made a change or three to the dream cloud and we now have an air support, airship for the club!.


Then we come to topless:P Now long time readers will know, I have supported Topless cruising from the outset. All through the depressions , and sim crashes and tea parties on the sea bed. right through the directors leaving and coming back, even through the rough times when the club closed for a while. Now we are back in business AND with the return or gipsy, one of my dearest and most loved directors!. Came to a surprise promotion for me and Brace to Cruise directors.


An honour we will I’m sure step up to take the reins. And to play our part in this most awesome of groups. As a side note we sailed this weeks in the dark and naked! Kinda our way to say thank you to gipsy..

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