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Something to say?

Do I have something to say? Why yes, I do. There is a distinct pleasure of joy. And while this statement may appear to be simplistic, you will I trust, allow me to codicil the statement with the appendium, "There... Continue Reading →


For Susan ..   "If they don`t listen, IF  they WILL NOT  listen, ​It`s Their  problem ..  NOT yours .. Walk your path,  and in the word of the song, You  got to   reach out, into the darkness,  before  it  reaches ... Continue Reading →

If this calls to your sisterly heart, come dance with us in our circle.

"Hear the call., if you have the heart to listen. " Out in the wood, there's a band of small Faeries If you walk unwary at night They're laughing and drinking, and soon you'll be thinking That you'd come to... Continue Reading →

Sacrums blade.

The giants hand closed around the hit as brows furrowed in the pain of time, narrowed to a point. Turning the top of the blade one way then another in the for which she had stoked up so carefully. Banking... Continue Reading →

Continued evolution.

When the darkest moments, crawl from the depths and shadows of our hopes and dreams, and it seams to be a foregone conclusion that each avenue has been checked and rechecked, then the cosmos swings into its lagoon plan and... Continue Reading →

Amazing Grace Amazing Grace was written by a former slave trader John Newton.. Once sailing a ship full of slaves from Africa his ship was hit by a fierce storm... Newton feared for his life and got down on his knees... Continue Reading →

I am still NOT afraid

Choices, paths, crazy serious shit.

It's been a while since last I scrawled my feelings for all to see. Now that it is over the watermark of my safety valve it is time for me to rekindle this almost traditional method of venting. Words have... Continue Reading →

There are no words… to describe this song

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