I’ve been owned before, I’ve been owned by sadists, cruel women, New Mistress’s, Older Mistress’s, tall ones small ones . and a fairy ..syndicates, clubs, even a hypnosis Mistress who had her fingers in too many pies…

But i am finally in the last collar I’ll ever wear. I felt it when she took the keys, I felt it when she held me and wipes my tears, I felt it when she smiled. I felt it, when she told me she was proud of me. I’ve felt a lot of things in the past, but now I truly feel Owned, Loved Honoured and Respected, not just by My Mistress, but by those who know what this feels like. No beatings, no whipped for a month to make sure i`m devoted, no ordered brainwashing, no mindless task setting, Just Owned from the inside out, from the top to the bottom .. If I loose the keys to owning another , due to her leaving sl from being ignored by her partner.. Then I shall consider begging to be kept, to be Permanently locked into Her desire. She is the one. Why? Because She is My Alpha, My Omega, My Owner. My Mistress.

So, who is she?
Brace, Mao Brightflame, started out as most of us did. She wandered and explored second life and all that it has to offer. Her past is not mine to tell, her journey long, fraught with peril, heart ache, education, tears and laughter. Sounds to me like most of us right? In that journey, Brace, found her calling, guided by her sister, learning by watching, by doing, by feeling, by understanding and some of those teachers did the same thing. They in turn have utter respect, because they in their way formed Her in Her place.

Brace met and married a couple of super stars, Chalcedony and Hymalaya, and the bond they share is to my mind at least unbreakable. Unshakeable, in the four pillars of trust love respect honor. And in those pillared truths comes a relationship that grows. Expansion of love, is the reason, I paused, the reason, I stopped my plowing in a bad direction and breathed life into my soul.

I was collared to an other woman, who to be fair was at the time right for my battered mind, as I wanted to stay out of caged, I joined the Scarlet horde a group of female vampires, run by the Queen Klew, I stayed in their castle and set it as home for quite a while. Now then, being the inquisitive woman I am, I wandered, finding the village and pondering fresh food, I met and became firm friends with Hymalaya. She was the one who took time and care to calm my mind, to allow my mind to pause to breathe.

As you can imagine, a mind burned with the past, eagerly devoured all the information I could find. I met chally and brace, eve and others, and I became calm. My then mistress, and I where in the fountain square of the hollow, and she asked me a question. In private she asked ” so which one do you want?” OK sounds crass but my mistress at that time liked to tease, liked to ask questions that could be taken in many ways, however, I told her straight. What I thought of each of the three Brightflames, and from that moment my relation ship with that mistress was over. It’s taken a lot of Eve bench time to work it out, but there we have it.
Layas collared me when the previous mistress walked away to follow her path, by then laya was second on my collar, and that position was moved up. Over time we both understand the way life works and lays and I made an agreement. I now own second on Laura’s collar, but the void that event created, was taken up by miss brace. Who it has to be said, snuggled and changed my life. Each moment with her has enhanced my life, in ways that I can’t begin to tell you all here. So yes Mistress Brave took my hurt heart, took my bruised mind, shaped it, held it, caressed out, trained it. And collared it.

Finally I will say this, she is my world, but She is only one part of that world, her wives her girls, her world, affected, and changed me and still does every day, to the point that I can say I am wearing the last collar I ever want on my neck. And proudly I say, I belong to Miss Brace Mao Brightflame.