Hey welcome!, now in the past we have touched briefly on breasts and clothing. But now I think it is time to write a little thought on clothing suppliers, appliers and mesh!

In SL, there are many ways to get dressed. From fully mesh to part mesh to layers, legacy to fusion. Some are astoundingly amazingly easy, some are a night mate, and to go through them all would take a life time! But we are going to look today at under wear! Just a little point here if you make clothing take note! Because some things on here are indeed my biggest bug bear!..

Suppliers who make clothes and add them to appliers, seem to forget skins tattoos, ink layers, under wear and their connection! For example on an omega applier, you have top bra tat layer.  Now the idea here is to be able to apply the layers of clothing to your avatar. But and here’s the rub! Tattoo’s also use the same system as do brands and under wear. Now then, getting dressed you in the real world, wear under wear over your skin, then clothes over the top.

When you are out and about the people only see the top layer however that may be, and I accept that reasoning but. There are times you need to wear ink and say a halter top. So for example, I wear routinely tiger stripes, for arms and gloves dark ink, all these are tattoos. Then add under wear. So from frilly to sheer, everything is cool. Then clothes over the top, simple? OK but then we add breasts! Now breasts that you add to the basic avatar, in general use appliers to add skin and clothes to the breast form. But there we have the first stumbling point.

Add the ink, then try to add under wear. Both won’t use the other options ie, bra, tattoo. So you get a choice one or the other. And there the problems start, the limitations that this brings mean you can’t wear ink with low cut tops, on say fox beans, (current favorite breasts!) Because the layers miss match. Why oh why can’t the makers of clothes spend a little more time working together to try and use all the options available to them, I will never know! Unless one of you out there who make clothes can tell me of course!. And yes I would be interested in why!

While we are in this moment let’s deal with a little issue! It’s a bit of a tip,a bit of common sense! You wouldn’t get dressed in public in real time, walking down the isle of the store for example! Do any one does it in SL?. who knows! OK it’s a small thing but find some where private to get changed, this isn’t rocket science! And it saves you a lot of embarrassment in the long run. Now let’s be clear! I am not a prude! I have and do realize that many people rarely get dressed at all. Some slaves never get more than shoes to wear! And some wear more latex than the average condom supplier.

But while our kinks and fetish’s, owners and desires may run from nudity, to formal perfection, we should not force others to see us undressed, nor by that token should we get dressed in public. It’s a case of, morals ethics and decency I suppose. Standards slip, but in that slipping standards, in that moral decay, we lose something as a society. For me there is a measure of mystic emotional passion, watching a woman strip, is fun, is nice to my mind. But there is a time and a place. For that. Of course you know I am going to flip this right? And yes this may sound hypercritical. I am a naked sailor. Yup I sail in SL, naked! Not all the time of course, but it does happen.

So how do I have the right to say don’t get naked in public then admit to doing just that? Well the clue is in the details, in this balanced case is simply the right time and the right place. The right company, and that brings us to one last point.

If my owner told me to strip. I would, not because I’m so proud of my body, I like flaunting it. But because I obey my owner. And I trust her not to choose places that would run counter to this ethical question of nudity. Some thing to wrestle with I think? Maybe in the future I may make another post about nudity in the future.