In our lives there are many doors that open and close. Some revolve, others hit you on the ass, and a few never close. Partner ships are like doors. Slowly but surely you find a friend, who means more to you at that moment than any one else, might be two people maybe more, but these people and you make a pact for good or bad reasons you partner. I’ve been there, done that. More than once. The first was a crazy mistake we both realized it, wee both moved on, the second never really was, we split at the alter, but yeah we was close just not close enough I guess.

Then I met some one, this person excited me, wanted me but was with another, and she still is. My mind in turmoil, I threw myself into the Petrol headed world of bikes, and there I met another. Now before any one jumps on me. Is not rebound or miss guided lust or even a desire to revenge the person who made my heart beat. And I wasn’t looking for what occurred. But occur it did. She started our journey telling me she didn’t do bang boom. She didn’t even kiss in case her then partner was a jealous cow!. But we both knew, after that meeting that our world online had changed. She went her way I went mine.

What followed was a series of choices none of which matter. Eventually we where both free to say yes, even in her broken English we understand each others desires wants needs, and she is the yin to my yan. We got partnered on an airship, but the truth is we both partnered while both of us where with others that day in the club House, in front of others, we both knew. Now all that said, you’d think that’s an end to this? But it’s not. You see there’s still the woman that’s partnered to another. And that woman and I still have moments together, is that cheating? Or is it negotiating the future? Sand runs in a glass clock, for partnerships, doors open doors close, some revolve some hit you on the arse.

And some doors are always open. Some doors offer more inside them or behind them, than are there, and some are transparent. But if we don’t open a door, if we don’t step through that door, what do we know? What do we learn? What’s the point of living in a box? If you don’t learn? If you don’t explore every option?. If you don’t step through that door……..