I dreamed a dream, that she did call unto me, find tendrils soft and plenty. And in that moment of full timeless pleasure, we did in our innocence sport and play. She did hold and touch me, she did caress my flesh with fingers tender. But more than these gifts that she did gift me, was her love. I felt this raw emotion, with such power that I did weep.

I dreamed of her, layers out upon satin and silk, her flesh softer than a preach, slides over the silky expanse of a fine bed, legs softly caressed by weaved silken bed linen, thighs tender as the most succulent steak, mouth watering glimpses of secret folks that do wash the soul with bliss filled thoughts.

I dreamed a trance like state, where in suspended in the moment, came mews of slight sounds, epitomic in their near silence. Breathing labored by a sapphic love, and broken only by pleas for more, and gentle moaning that warms the heart. Hearing her remind me this of instant and total humility, for the gift of this dream is not the serial  gratification some may seek, but yet it is the gift of valued and consultant love, that is shared over eons of time.

I dreamed a dream of you.