I recently got into a discussion with some close friends on the topic of hareem style collars. where one domme or Dom. has a multitude of women or men, I’m not sexist!, in collar and submission to them alone. The conversation did get heated, but in general it works like this. Domme sees girl girl submits domme is happy, new girl is seen domme wants, girl like girl submit domme now has two. Over time this scenario builds to those who have lots of time online and those who don’t, and the domme ends up with ten to twenty on her collar, things get unstable past that for most, but a rare few do manage to keep going. I heard tell that a lady of a certain club, has up to forty. Though she only uses, and operates a scant few at any one time the rest being  hypnotic trance controlled, only requiring slight maintenance.

But it did get me to thinking.  As you should know by now, if you have read the rest of the blog, or my profile. I am a switch, being both owned and owner. So looking back at the model above, if I was to be added those under me would also belong even indirectly to the top tier of this hareem. which as I pointed out, gives the dommes in the circle at the top access to potentially another ninety sub’s. or slaves. Of course that also must take into account the random factor that some where in the world of switches must also exist, a domme who herself has her own hareem. and that makes the calculation even larger.

Such things are known in the real world as houses. House Thorn was my encounter with this in real time. A well established house of over forty years, and numbers in excess of four thousand women all chained and collared by secrecy and love. So yes it works maybe not for all, and when the top of the tree ceases to be the top of the tree, others in the ranks move up to take charge. But it did make me wonder, if the trees on line in SL ever toppled? What would happen?.

We move our pieces, they move theirs, and some times those pieces are taken, other times they fall.

Just a thought, but, how deep does that rabbit hole go?