I suppose really, the title is almost misleading, but then may be not! I’ve been asked if I have a form of torretes syndrome, as I rarely swear online unless in the throws of passion. Instead I use

“smurfs” or some other colorful creature name to lighten the term. Recently there has been an invasion of the little blue dudettes.

I think it’s mostly due to worry and the stress of worrying. I do have a serious flaw in my armor that shows when either a loved one is stressed missing or hurting, in me it appears to show up as  frustration, almost short tempered, and smurfs appear in the conversation or even randomly.

So if you see me say the little blue words, (irony? You be the judge!) Please don’t be offended unless of course it’s directed at you in person!

Quills!, ah my favorite writing medium. Indeed I even was gifted a tablet dabber, in the shape of a will, and I use this rather frequently to write this and emails. But the reason I added this to today’s topic is rather darker. You see my darlings, quills is also the name is a rather brilliant film with Geoffrey Rush, Kate Winslet and other notable actors, which highlights the later times of the Marque de Sade. And whilst waiting on my continental family to awaken on line, I sat and watched this film with rapt attention. So I am off course tempting you all to watch this movie.

Bluntness a rare gift to get right, and not offend people, take yesterday for example, a fishing trip by one groups leaders, to stomp out drama, in their little slice of heaven, resulted in my parting their company. The offence they caused by not being blunt enough was culpable, and almost tangible!  In its obvious attempts at throwing slander around hoping to hook a target titbit, and to shake loose the culprits of said drama. Unfortunately for me, the timing was not great, and as I was already mid smurf, the continued mud slinging to see if the mud sticks, without and proof what duo ever, was enough for me to take a back seat in their group. When that had not proceed to have given them the answers they where hoping for they in sulked my partner.

I am sure you dear reader can understand what occurred, but in short. I sent a very direct message to said group leaders, and removed said group from my lists. I an put up with most things but attacking a partner who was not even there at the time. I’d hitting below the belt in my book. So Ashley and Jessy, if you read this know this. For a group not wanting drama. I suggest you so instigating it.

As ever love and sparkles Rose xx