Swim suits are done the summer is over, how can you tell? The hollow shows it’s passing, snow  encroaches the mountain, flowers begin to hide, and we of the mountain, host a themed dance or two, ushering out the swim suit.

Now then, not only did this occur today, but also a few things cropped up in conversation that made me pause and think a bit, not easy when your dancing as a ten foot tall flame. One of those topics, was super mega busty. Now what’s that I hear you cry? Well! In the busy community, there are in written sizes way way past large. Mega busty, super mega busty, are among them, what? No I won’t tell you the other Categories, come along and find out for yourself!.

Now I’ve dabbled, OK OK I’ve tried mega busty. and yes it was a certain German sadist, that inspired me. But I’ve been contemplating the next stage… Indeed my daughter has also made moans and grumbles about wanting to see me larger than Leeanne and miss j ! Hmmmmmm the thought does appeal, but then being ten feet tall, as a demi goddess, the possibilities really are there for a trial run!. I am not saying yes or forever, I can’t as I married, and owned, this makes it up to either of them if I get past contemplating this step.

Still the thought made me at for most of the dance. Another topic that came about was polygamy. A quiet discussion with a people on a topic that repeatedly seems to rear its head of late. Would I? should I? could I? Yes to all three, as long as they remember that I am owned, but then, there is another point to make, my owner is in a poly marriage. Though it might bungle some minds to know that my owner is married to my daughter and the smartest pair of boobs in SL!.

Some one asked me yesterday, how I can be owned by one and married to another, well when you think about this is really no different than being married to more than one person. In effect is pretty dam similar. As both my wife and my owner and indeed her wives know I love them and indeed I feel love honor respect from each. Is it really any different?

Something to think on I think! Till next post love and  sparkles Rose x