OK so I did have a multi linked hyper typed, three hundred thousand  word piece to post. And who knows maybe I will still post it. But not today!! Nope you see today yours truly is totally, utterly irrevocably and most certainly too damn happy to post doom and gloom.

Why? I hear you ask from under the news paper! Well! Several reasons, firstly, I reconnected as friendship today that I was scared I had lost for good. She knows who she is, and why I am really happy she had not done what the rumors had said!. More of this later!.

Another reason I am so head over heels chuffed to the knicker line happy, has to do with the title of this piece. You see, a while back before I was with my current owner I made five predictions. Prophecies if you will, based on a set of dreams I’ve had that turned out to be rather, not to put too finer point on this, wet!. These dreams revolved around a specific act infront of an open for with certain people, that at the time was simply not possible and least likely to happen. Well today it did. In spades as predicted and oh yes perfect!.

Now if that wasn’t good enough for a smile, nothing is, but dear reader it gets better!. You see capping a day of like that is hard work, but completing it with the perfect ending?. Almost impossible. Right before I planned to log out, due to my meds being ready, chalcedony logs in. Kisses snuggles cuddles and love. What more can go right?

I don’t think I’ve mentioned chalcedony mao bright flame? Third wife, smarty boobs, wrapped in a small bundle of love?  Well there you go. I will probably expand on this soon enough, but yeah she made the perfect end to a perfect day.

Of course, readers will by now realize that balance, is everything. And for every dream there is an alternative nightmare. In my case that nightmare showed up today. All to stark and evident in its effect, retinopathy has begun. The warning signs are there, and as promised I’ve booked time in the opticians to make sure that it’s not just me being tired. The end result of this one is near blindness. Which I think would spoil my day.

Then to conclude the set, a thought struck me. We have as a bright flame family been overseeing a young lady’s well being since she lost a Mistress that she had for some considerable time. Through a most cruel steak of date. Indeed more than once members of three family have expressed their wish to at least collar and take her  themselves. But these offers have not born fruit, and indeed they lack certain traits that this girl needs to function.

The bad point is, that this girl and I feel out some time since, and that falling out was never truly resolved. Of course the motherly instinct does of course take over, even after our own disagreement. And there the conflicts have been centered. But still a nagging thought has crossed my mind more than once. Should I offer to collar her? In truth the idea is not as far fetched as some I can think of, as we v do share several traits, and fetish’s that make me the ideal candidate. And yet, truth is we have not resolved our own break up yet. Never mind actually talking about the offer I am making.

Tonight that person devoted the odds, and tee added me back to friends, who knows what will come off this if any thing, bit at least now I have hope.

Till next we meets Rose xx