As I am temporarily restricted from SL, due to my ISP being a total wank pot tonight. I thought,I’d share a little time with my loyal fans, so when your both sitting comfy!

The lady I am going to speak of tonight, is a mystical conundrum, wrapped in a silk voice, with added sprinkles of erotic wonder. She like me is a switch, being both owner and owned. She isn’t the tallest and derisively not the largest chest, and she has some very cool pass times from stream punk to graded suicide girls. From Irish folk to Canadian rock.

The bonds this woman holds is truly mystical in essence. And hearing her voice is a truly pantry wetting moment for many. If of course your allowed to wear them!. Bright clever and  generous to a fault, and a free thinker of course, Klew tea Rhapsody is to some of us perfection in motion. Now then some of you already may have guessed I too have fallen under her spell more than once! Indeed had Klews time online been more than her life restricts her from, I may also have fallen harder for her, though truth will out, and her owner is a main  reason I could not go there.

So compromise needed to be sought out and that came in the guise of her biting my neck, taking and saving my soul, oh and draining me of all my blood. But in her defense she did ensure I was refilled!. My Queen Klew, a rightful vampire,  guardian and friend. Confident in her skin she rarely changes past the stock elf look that just enhances her sex appeal. Though modesty will always be a part that makes her tick. Klew is not above the true gooey gory truth of roleplay as head nurse and surgeon, trick cyclist and therapist, this woman’s skills are rather awesome. But all of this pails when you think kink!

From cage to padded cell rlv ropes and chains Klew knows her stuff. And there are so few I would trust enough to drop everything and offer to demonstrate for at the drop off a hat. But yes Klee points and I would happily join the queue there. Now all this sounds more like I am advertising as her manager, but the truth is far from that. Klew Tea, is a true rare woman who cares as much as she dares. And to top it all? She’s My Mistress’s Sister.

Now hypnotically scripted mind control fascinates us both. We do share more than a few passing interests. Restrictive bondages, long term locked straight jackets and cages are but a few of those. And whilst our history and present catches up with its self, we must in wonder find the smaller glimpses of her true nature to see the real Klew.

And in case you are wondering, Klews real time flesh bares a very passing resemblance to a doctor on Stargate sg1 series! But shush now, because she doesn’t know I know!.

So there we have the enigma that is )0( Sister and Queen Klew tea Raphsody. Queen of the Scarlet Horde,Head Nurse of the SWTC, slave to one Miss to many and I am proud to say My friend,

Till next we meet love and sparkles Rose xxx