original_5611031fa73e21151a000001It is said that a slave is not truly owned until she or he has felt their owners desire. Today that road was touched, felt absorbed and dare I say it, I loved every minute of it.

What started off as a conversation about blinds folds ended up with me gagged, arms bounds in an arm binder, leashed to a post and, dripping wet. I had in my folly, forgotten just how much being bound and gagged affects me.

Blind folded, gagged and bound, I stood for Her, in Her chalet.knelt for Her in Her chalet, Feeling the locks, hearing them click shut. Sealing me into the whirl pool of desire. And me? I was in heaven!

Now as if things couldn’t get any better? At the dance at the hollow miss Juggernutz, was wearing a hobble skirt outfit which catered it seemed for the busy lady. My mind a whirl, as I pondered wearing such an item and the gag blind fold and binder for Her. Strange maybe for some to think of me this way, most seem to think I am a domme or some twisted switch version, but the truth is, I am every bit Hers when She wishes it.

When you add today to yesterday, and the excitement of my girl and I cutting a rug at the hollow before the revaluations, began that culminated in Paulinia meeting the real laya. Nothing new there Paulinus has meet Laura before. But this time she met “all of our love”  Laya in her own way, informed Paulinia of a very important truth. That we may have huge appendages, we may be demons and oversized. But we love hurt laugh just the same.

Tonight I am truly reminded that I am owned loved cherished and a part of the best family in SL…

What more is in store? I don’t know but as I lay here naked soaked and smiling, I know in my heart that kneeling to Her was the right thing to do.

Till next we meet love and sparkles a very happy rose xx