It’s been a roller coaster of a day. The highs so high, the lows indiscernibly low. So to recap a few of each. In a grasp on sanity, today started when I lost someone I thought more of than was obviously there. My fault perhaps but true colors are shown when the back is placed on the wall. So bummer number one.

I work on a simple system of three strokes and your gone. Alas this woman who I admitted blew through two strokes in one go. So moving on. The ex sub of that person, has made some choices I would question. But they are her choices. She says” I see a different side to sxxxx, that others don’t see” I agree with this, but still I worry for my friend. I guess some of you might work out who I am talking about, but, out of respect, I won’t mention who. My situation never allowed for her to be an option, and hers it seems moves from one option to another, without even considering me. And why should she?  She’s always seem my option or rather the option of me, as a flirting jest rather than the serious offer that was made repeatedly.

It’s a mess, but out of the confusion and loss of one, came understanding and perhaps a ray of hope. We shall see. Then along comes a sister, who tells in her broken English of her excitement at the prospect of new connections with a person that she’s known slightly for some time but just managed to spend time with. In truth, the joy that the pretty kitty shows lifts my spirit. And up the roller coaster we go once more.

Remember up there ∆ where I mentioned three strikes and your gone? Well my most trusted love gave me the third strike, only this time instead of just losing a friend who taught me so much, I loose an entire family. Words can’t describe the emotions or feelings at this moment, numb, painted, hurt, insulted. But flipping that, worry for friend’s.  And worry for their well being.

Then come a bomb she’ll, ticking away slowly, from all dancer, to host. Me hosting as dance! Yeah right! But Mistress was right, and a few songs in, I was happier than I thought, possible. such a string of events that leads to a joyous moment. Indeed the perfect end for me today to fall asleep in Her arms surrounded by Her wife. A love and a lust, wrapped around the golden brick of truth. A roller coaster of a day, reflections of easier time great adventures, and hope. Could around the dream scape that I call home.

Till next we speak love and sparkles Rose.