And I take no pleasure in what I do now, but do it I must. So with a heavy heart, I remove the name that has meant so much to me over the last good while, Decloak the shackles of truth, and let slip the anchors of my past.

There was a time I saw in the scrying pan of life four names coo joined in a single partnership. Those names today became three as the driving force that sustained me in times I thought impossible to let go of, made a finality and fatal choice to let the misery of her mind chorus the drama she had unleashed. But worse still was yet to come, as she compounded that error which could have been over overlooked, with an even larger, more foolish, and in the event as it unfolded, more painful one for her now ex partner.

You see loves, I can stand people spring lies our insults in my face, I am Irish it has happened to me all my life, but what I won’t stand for is mistreating innocents, people who purposefully do malicious shit, simply to cause reactions in the people trapped between factions. And this includes, being down right mean and unkind to people they purported to love.

If they truly loved the person in question, running away offline, or hiding in offline mode really isn’t the answer!. And worse when they are in debate with you about your partnership which you have single handedly flushed down the toilet!. Being this foolish proves to all that saw the aftermath of your actions just how pretty you have become. But forgive you for what you did to the delicate flower you threw away? I am sorry but that won’t happen any time soon.

So today has hurt, it started nervously, and ended with hugs, hugs from a family that truly cares, that stepped out of their way to welcome the ex partner that was so cruelly tested in this most foolish of moves. Not to be outdone you then went on to unmute me, and to ask me if I was happy, now I have what I wanted? Its childish at best, but then, closing a stable for after you have kicked out the horses is pretty bad too.

As ever My Mistress, slipped her arms around me before I logged, she told me the truth that I know in my heart to be true, the same truth some seem to ignore and miss whilst they do their dreams filled role play. She said the same thing I am going to tell you.

I love you. Your my family. I am proud to be so honored, because unlike so many clans, families, grouped play grounds of the people of second life. I know She, i and all those who know our family BrightFlame know, we mean it.

Till next we meet I am Rose Brighflame, wife of Ludmila Brightflame Mother to Hymalaya and Joline Brightflame, very proud Owner of Paulinia Coeur ne Desire….sister to Eve Brightflame, and mentor and Counselor to the BrightFlame Hollow family. Oh and YES I am Brace Mao Bright flames switchy Slave….