Today the blossom of reality showed once more to the world, that prophecy and feelings can be trusted. Once more my prophecies have come to pass.

Ludmila and I made a choice based upon mutual respect and trust, love and lust, the four pillars of our relationship, the same four that we in the life style I live by are rock solid standards that I cannot and will not alter.

Our choices will hurt, both of us are adults and we understand the reality of the outcome of our choices. As such we have mutually dissolved our relationship from partners to friends. I cannot say it was unexpected because it was, when she moved her RL home, time zones work changes and expectations all amount to the end choice which we have culminated in deportation and ultimately the divorce in SL.

So many factors are involved some already known some private, and I hope you are all adult and respectful enough not to ask either of us about them. Ludmila will remain in my heart, she can’t be cut from there we both have children online, and they are aware of the choice we made and reasons for that choice to result the way it has.

Some people will read this with joy, they won’t understand as some of us who do understand this point, that, though yes we are avatars online some larger than others, some tiny some huge, all the colors of the rainbow, all makes and models. Some see the world of second life as a game a joke a play time to let the mind run free. I don’t, the avatars are extensions of the persons that operate them. Which means the love is real, the hearts that beat behind the keys the souls that entwine do so in real time for some of us, and in this case, the hearts beat as one for a time, but I gave the reality with hope that Ludmilla’s realizes her path to full butterfly, and from strength to strength she will find her self the right place in heart and mind to move and grow, to become more than she was.

I will always love lu, she knows this and I hope she will always feel that she is welcome to be a part of my life. Because she already is a part of my life.

So as the picture shows, I walk back to the reality of SL, to the home we formed and the collar I wear with the knowledge that she will recover from this, she will be stronger, a little wiser maybe, and know she will always be loved.

Till next we speak… Love and sparkles Rose x