I broke my ankle, so finished my moment online with my daughter, happily shower dress and head for dinner down the back stairs of the hotel, five floors with small landings between each set of steps most of the way down and crack missed three steps and landed finny on the landing.

So there I am heading for feeding time, and now laid out on the landing and can’t put weight on my ankle! To compound this I am mute so no calling for help, and no moving , with everyone using lifts the stairs are peaceful, and you do get time to think.

Eventually some one from the front desk realized I was missing, and started a search. Now at least I was not in the expensive jams, coos when we get to a &e first thing they did without even asking, was cut the leg to my knicker line! Damn good job I was wearing some for a change! Any way they looked prodded poked asked questions like I was deaf! And then talked between them like I wasn’t here at all! Eventually i grabbed a own and wrote ” MUTE NOT DEAF” And off we go  to xray.

That’s when”god” got dementia! So I am sitting there pink thong on show no matter how I try to cover it up right leg on a splint, such out front, and in the corridor comes goods Lil helpers, the nuns from Satan’s locker! With a lost soul in tow. Some of you know but I will tell you so it’s clear. My father was orange  my mother was green, and I follow the sisters of three moons hedge witch. So that all said, I am not the one to start shoveling gods good word to.  But that is what happened.

After the first hour of me being diplomatic, and polite. The pain in my ankle was getting to a point where I was ceasing to be diplomatic. It off xray, and thanking the sisters for the reprieve ,I am sitting in the plaster room. Choosing a lime green caste, and quietly sending my Mistress a hurried text. And yes you guessed it, in comes the nuns and tier drunken charge! Ding ding round two.

Now I have been quoted for my patience, and my willingness, to listen to almost any side of anyone’s theory on the truth of reality. Even if the person is drunk! But when these two women supported his claim that”god” had simply and utterly lost the plot and allowed by forgetting to protect him from the car her walked (staggered)  out in front of, to break his leg. If it was not hurting so much I would have wet myself with laughter. The theory that the obi present god, had in some way “forgot to protect” this man, was bad enough but the way these two penguins supported the theory was comical at best.

I think I may have been the only one googling in the player room. In fact foot hours later when I was released from the place I w as still giggling!  Now before those of you who do believe in the whole “one god, omni present, all knowing all seeing” presence, I personally want you to know that I respect your wish to believe this, just as I all you to respect my beliefs. I don’t force feed others, and I don’t allow others to force feed me, but last night was pretty bad, and in a way the god with dementia saga, kept my spirits up a at a time when I needed it. I could say the cosmos sent them to solve my depression. Or maybe there is something to be said for the randomness of fate.

Either way today see’s me with a lime green plaster cast up to the knee on the right foot. With a black thick marker I followed Mistress’s request and added a large love heart. With the words Brace’s h♥art adorn the cast. It aches more than hurts. And it’s heavy. And hot. Bit I wanted to share so here we are….

Love and sparkles Rose.x