Pondering the top and bottom of the past and future, the friends we acquire, the tiny morsels that we collect around the world and roads and paths we ride, sail,walk or crawl.

I came to ride in a way simply to enjoy a new adventure, reliving and mirroring the truth of my youth. Though to be fair to my youth I didn’t hang around with shemales at least not that I knew! Nor did I in my desire find that aspect appealing once the event that changed my life, was done I didn’t look at another cock with anything but spires and memories that haunt me still.

But in my youth the folly of adventure was rife. Now in my golden and silver moments of my life that adventure finds new avenues to move down. I am still a lesbian, but the political change in the terms now allow for the ladies that also have large stiff clits to be included in that term. So with that said yes, I have a lover or three that have additional parts to their bodies that I wouldn’t have even considered in my youth.

There was this blonde camera woman, that took the most amazing pictures of my boat when sailing topless was the norm twice a week. And this woman excited parts of me, that I had forgotten existed. She as previously explained has an extra attraction, though her mind and eye for details was the attraction to begin with.

I could be accused of stalking, because from the sailing I followed her to bikes and yes I found pleasure and partners in that path. Some of these issues are still weighing heavy in my heart, yet her eye for photographic marvels has not lessened in the slightest nor has my desire to see if we can fit closer than we have. But as with most things that the cosmos decodes and chooses the paths we take, I was never free to be with her, nor was she free to be with me.

I never say never, but the coffee is cold and there ends this trip down the memory hole. We touched the bottom,sides and reached heaven in this page, and will again.Till next we meet ride safe ride free and hold your dreams. Rxx