The clothes we wear
the bindings we use,
the very desires we share
The forms we abuse,
These terms we diffuse
In good company.

But yet they confuse
The heart in illusions
And some do refuse
To listen to facts that diffuse
The situations unfolded
In obvious clothes,

I love bondage
You love the apparel
Does it take one from the other
To change the corsage.?
Bit you love the feel
And I love the heels
Does this still appeal?

You can strip the denial
And replace worth a river
You can like to be tired
Or not but come hither
You know you want to
I know I do too
But is it really so hard
To remind me and you

The oldest phrase I learned
Was that to simply discern
The reasons for our concern
Your kink is not my kink but your kink is OK
My kink is not your kink but that’s OK too
Now stop worrying that you don’t see
The beauty in the drooling girl
Nor the utter joy in the red are
Or came marks on skin

I see you
You see me
Can’t we be content to thus agree
That I know you
And you know me
And added together
A family are

Bondage isn’t every ones
” cup of tea,”
Nor is fashion
nor jewelry
The collars we wear
The right lingerie
Is how we express
Our love
Of being
That’s what matters to me
Don’t you agree?

Time to stop being restricted by fear, and live.

I am Rose Brightflame, single and yet not.