With my cargo stowed,
The most precious I’ve ever carried, my owner and her wife
With my mouth dry
We sailed over the salty sea, to docks anew of old.
With my heart in my mouth
We tilted her to twenty knots, and sailed to the sunset
With my body cleansed
I am ready for the next journey to a new adventure
And that’s just a taste of today’s delights.

From tip to tail the day  went with a bang,  lol  yes i said that right ,  from  the moment i woke in Her arms to the moment i was tucked into bed  i felt the love that surrounds us all.I felt it as tangible as ever i have. The salt  spray of the sea  called, and  we  took to the water at  half hitch,  as my  usual  boarding area is now a  dust bowl  .. I checked the rig and  map  and  headed out along the Blake strand.   Leaning her over to  the  full wind  and  taking in  the  full  twenty  five knots  she`s  more than capable of taking. With the   cargo  carefully perched on the seating,  wind in the hair . and the  warm scent of  sails  stretched tight over spar.  We  headed  down to snug, then slipped north to view and wander the Rainbow sailing yacht  club.  Passing  the Norway  cliff lines showing the   railway   a  rainbow sail  as I  slowed her  skewed the moment and  slipped her easily into the  dock side.

Brightflame 1  Held the water comfortably  with a easy pride that  slid her into the colourful dock. surrounded by the many  boats   sizes and types she  didn`t feel too far out of place. Indeed the multi  coloured  hulls that   adorn the fine  vessels that   birth their  made  us feel at home . Joining the group after searching ( not ram raiding or  pilfering  but looking with intent!, )  for the group joiner on the wall by the door that we may  perhaps one day  find a  little cruise r two to  slip the Brightflame into ..

But how to top that ?  well a  moment to think it through and back to snug we  go .   facing and tacking the  air  as  the spray  finds now  surfaces to cover,   west to  the dutch  harbour  past the airport and  north to the   sink   harbour.  back home for the Brightflame 1 as this is where she was  birthed  made whole..  so its kinda like  giving thanks  by  bringing her home to roost..

original_56195e7d8da57251c2000001As the sun started to set over the yard arm ,  We made our way  back along the  blakes strand to the lighthouse, and turned north up to grummage and a  visit to see if the   Junior sailing  clubs still in  its place.  ( it isn`t, any one know where its gone ? )   round the  dinosaur  at  ahabs haunt and  down to “the nibble marina.”   Where i had so much hassle last week on the topless cruise.   Now i like this one   its a bit pricey for the larger  Brightflame , (She`s a pacha  110  with  extended   jib)  but its a  nice marina as it goes..   from there we took a  little trip up to the   strand  at  aggy`s place, but  got little further as lag was by then  killing us both .   so we`ll ave that for another adventure ..   back home  dried with towels   looked over the pictures we had taken and added  some of the better ones to the  flicker account ..  and  time lines..  before retiring  for food and   slumber..

Another day of mischief and mayhem   as we sailed off to the sunset..  now we  start a new day  with a letter  from Sailing magazine  saying they want to use our picture  of the Brightflame at the  dutch harbour ( above pic )  in their magazine..  can you see the smile?    cos its WIDE as ever!

Till next we meet  Stay say  sail free .  and  be covered in sparkles . Rose x