If I could slice it,
Place it with care upon a silver plate,
If I could gift you it
You know I would
If I could hold it in my hand
I’d offer it to you
If I could
I’d make you eat
Bite deep
It’s a cake!
You trust me right?
Then bite…

A few words in the heart that beats,  in this chest, its battered,  its  bruised  but it beats still as proudly as ever.  I`m touching this subject a lot lately, but so many seem interested  in how its possible that I can love more than one person?.. love knows  no boundaries, it  doesn’t care about height weight  colour or nationality  its not bothered by religion  its not  in the slightest worried  by such things.  Now that may sound  like  its not a truth but  you  know it is.

I`ve had my heart  pulled out and torn, I`ve had it  served on a plate  both with and without my consent. I`ve had some try to stop it more than once.  And i`ve even  tried that myself more than  a few times.  But these things  don’t seem to interrupt its beating  or spreading the love that flows to those that deserve it .  So i`m going to risk a beating now, i`m going to speak from the heart.

I have  many loves A french woman, rarely seen, but each moment with her is a slice of  heaven.  She doesn’t understand why i think  but its  how it is I love my girl .. And i learned long ago to stop questioning the truth of the cosmos. An American Wise  Woman who is partially deaf, and an older than i .. and like me  she  has seen the truth of the world .  its rights and wrongs, its flaws.  I love My Owner.

There is  more than one in my life that i Love, She`s smaller than any one i know.  she`s got the largest heart of us all , and she`s  smarter than any one i know.   and she is married to   My Owner  and   the largest of us all is a demon goddess,  white skin   bleached   by the  ages, nurturing the  bosoms of the  world   this enlarged lady  has a little extra something where it counts . So much so  she`s My Daughter.  I love My Owners Wives My Owner and My girl.  but it doesn’t end there..  I will always love  Ludmila, as much as she  and i have  stepped outside our partnership,  it doesnt switch the heart off.

And last  but  by no means least.  KARA  Kareena Autumn Rose Alton,   Who i met in  sl ,   went  on to be a ponygirl in real time with  for  8 years  and   was proud to be  called her gf  for that time .  Sadly  Kara is no longer with us, she took her life in February, following an horrific  blow dealt to her  body ..

I will love Her till I meet her  once more than Love her more   in the afterlife of our times .  So  take a  slice of my heart,  nibble   and  swallow  with the knowledge that  your  eating   a cake…  but   hold me in the mind when i say ,” I love you  .”.I might  just mean it.

till next we meet  love and sparkles Rose xx