Now then here’s a little known thing. Every Sunday  we Bright flames host a noon dance, and a evening dance. Formal attire is expected, but the formality is clothing style driven. That said we do have every creature turn up from manic squirrels to demonic goddess’s fairies nymphs neko kitties to human. And nearly all of our dance is filled, and I do mean filled with the largest biggest bounciest busts in second life. I know this for a fact, as I have been a part of the Sunday nooner crew, and witnessed the largest chests in SL!

So why post about it if it’s known fact? Well! The points I would like to raise.

One, some of the finest and most clever designed appliers are in use to facilitate these formal gatherings. You see dear reader our chests as I have pointed out in earlier pays are expandable. Not all are, but the majority are! And to cover them the appliers are added to the standard clothing, or as in the larger sized avi’s fully fusion or omega clothed layers. This creates the visual effect we see every week and as every girl will know, you dare not wear the same outfit twice without altering it or accessories added or detracted from the original outfit. This brings about more than a few nightmare scenes of wardrobe meltdowns,I can tell you!.

Two, it’s currently autumn, so the ranges that we pick even in a formal setting or theme, are not likely to be bikini tops and backless bone dresses and gowns. Which also brings us to the designers that seem to think as SL doesn’t have the heat and cold temperatures to actually contend with, they tend to only do summer gowns for the summer all year round! OK it sounds picky at best but a rare few do do knitted shawls to add to you outfit, but even then ! Come on clothes designers work this one out! Use your applied skills at applies and support the bigger chested desires to wear autumn wear!

Three, Winter is just around the corner! All hallows eve is almost upon us! Do with this in mind I took a trip into the market to start looking towards the event with a skeptical eye on what clothes are available for spooky times with appliers. To say shocked would be an understatement! From the sublime to the absolutely ridiculous!  One of these creations was a pumpkin with a Boob tube which sparkles! And that was one of the better ones! Would you as a mature lady wear such a thing? Even the younger ladies I asked about this laughed ! And said no! Now if you can get some of the finest spiders web thin sheer based ball gowns for weddings why oh why ? Can’t you do a black version with the same appliers! Add a few creepy Webb’s to the clothing bundle in a omega or fusion applier and it would sell like hot cakes on a autumn evening! This is a hint!

Steps off the soap box and says softly, with all that said we loved every pulsing moment of the nooner today! DJ Jinrai Nakamura, ( who should be a Bright flame IMHO)  out did herself stepping up to the plate! Laura and Maverika two of the hottest dancers to brighten the afternoon, all combined to make a perfect two hour event. One of which I am humbled and proud to host at The Bright flames Hollow every Sunday twelve till two, and then Playful hosts again at five till seven SL time.

So next time you’re online Sunday why not dress up a bit, and come along and have a dance? Everyone’s welcome.! Good times good company, in a warm  friendly environment. With the largest family of all The Brightflames

Till next post my loves Rose xx