blogDSCF1876bThere are turning points in my life that come to pass, and one such moment appeared yesterday out of the blue.  After a time spent safe with my girl,  a desire surfaced in her to have her chained to my bed.  leashed and  restricted from leaving my bed,  which  I have to say appeals to me.

The first problem is that she wears currently,( though not for much longer!)  a vixen collar,  which although it looks great on first contact, is rather not the most user friendly of collars.  So anchoring her to things is neigh on impossible. But we did accomplish this and I set  a few restrictions in place to allow her to rest peaceably. This past fortnight has not been easy on any of us  and i think the changes that have occurred both in my life and hers have needed the time we spent to  re-establish the  truth of us .

But the request brought back strong emotions in me  ones that i had previously pushed aside to let them fester on a shelf in fact. You see i`ve been there in real time, locked to a stable, I know its limits, I know its feeling, I know what it  becomes, how it  changes a person and the reasons for this act are so deep, that they cannot be undone one they have  begun. Which is probably why I buried the act away, hidden under old memories of happiness. But then .. the  act that  it  openly  shows,  that my girl took on her self to  request,  brings a  changed joy to my heart.  seeing the submission that folds and flows  from her, is  warming to my  mind.

But then the  act  awakens in my own  desire and heart.  and  later that  night  when i was getting ready for bed myself.   My Owner  retrieved the padlock then affixes it to a chain already locked to the ring in My clit and attaches it to the ring on the bed, turning the key with a soft click then placing the key next to her, and for me  I was once more transported to heaven. All the fears of the past   illuminated in a cosmic flash of thought as it passed my  eyes..  and yet..  She had the key to my heart my collar my clit my love and now my chastity  and mobility..  And i was and am in total agreement with every step She takes, every moment she makes a choice.  I revel in it.

As She slumbers nearby,  I  sit and  stroke her hair  from her face, and  recall the  moment i locked  my girl to my bed, and moments past when i was in turn locked to a bed and indeed a stall..  And once more i am greeted by the words that drift to my ear.. ” You made the right choice.. Now enjoy the fruit of that labour” So hear i  lay with my pad. locked to My bed.  Immobile  by my own sex.   by my desire. and yet,more free than i have ever been .