flasmesThe title says it all, but then in truth  we all overlook this truth too often I think . Some ask why  the people of sl  do as they do…  so often the simple truth is that the love we show,  the care we show..  is  simply a truth. When you step past the fact that the avatars you see are  strange odd or   different in anyway  form that which you would find in the street  about you in real time. You begin to understand that each avatar is controlled by a human being .  And these humans all have a few traits in common, that can not be unfounded or  bridled..  they are truths that we share in some respects.   and of those traits  is love ..

Love knows no boundaries,  cares about no colour,  creed, height, size,  weight,   hair colour,  skin colour.  none of this matters. From fairy to troll ..ponygirl to  Head Mistress, hells angel to  goddess.. we all share this trait. but  as with all truths  we  over look the obvious  points of the trait.

We also overlook simple joy. As you know, pleasure comes in many forms. from the  smile you  get from completing or achievement of a task , to the simply divine pleasure, of seeing a persons education or emotional truths be revealed or expanded past their former levels. to the achievement of seeing your creation walk past you being worn or driven sailed or  ridden. Knowing you created something and seeing another take  full enjoyment in that  creation.   gives you a warm joy that cannot be taken away .

But today  i wish to add these together, The joy of love shared,  by mutual consent. replied with the  tender  moments that we share the ones that simply are there in all things.. allowing us to feel the  replied love, the answered call. that is a truth ..