I took the new shields boat out for a run yesterday, Following today’s topless cruise guides, as i can’t sail today due to duty dancing at the hollow. But more than just wanting to do the cruise, sailing gives me space and time to think. That may sound odd to some, but to me it’s how I cope with change.

Peregreena Coeur taught me to sail, how to tack, how to face edge the wind, how to avoid the corners!. Once your out on your own, you are responsible for destination, safety, sails and wind, but more than that the simple angle of the craft, the speed the views all add to the experience. It’s rare I play music, even rarer for me to listen to messenger or group chat, just the boat and the water, and the occasional other sailor.


Sailing allows my mind to be free, in ways that I had never understood before, and it is certainly something I gave a great passion for. Some of the views in second life waters are truly breathtaking, others make you scratch your head a bit to be fair. But take the cruise today around sansa, where else would you find Egyptian lighthouses, next to pagodas? Trees houses that could hold an entire family? Next door to water slides, even a roller coaster!

Solitude of the situation, brings time to reflect to hold true thoughts and council on what has come to pass. And yesterday was no exception. Thinking on jin, now a brightflame, as married as I am. The links we share now blurred into a truly beautiful partnership that spans not just the bdsm connotations of collared servitude. But also partnership that reigns over all. Based on the four pillars, trust, love, respect, honor above all. I’ve said many times, the Bright flames have the market cornered on love and respect, they have my trust and it is an honor to be a part of them.

In so many ways, the care and undebatable truth is that as much as I am a collared slave to My owner, Miss Brace Mao Brightflame, and mother to HymaLaya and Joline, and I hope a best friend to Chalcedony,and Jinrai, sister to Eve. The family grows in its way, each in turn have their part to play. But as much as all that is true, I am as married to each of them as they are too me.

This does not detract from the love I feel for others, nor in any way detracts from the overwhelming love I have for a certain French girl, who I know reads every word I post! And who had I the right would be more than just chained to my bed! But the beauty of the situation has taken a turn on deck, the capstan shanties that we will write together and sing in the soft evening will be legendary.

All to soon the cruise is completed, a few trials and tribulations on route, but all in all a damn fine way to float about in the memories and situations I hold dear. And those that will today cruise the Thursday topless, half named or in some cases more, have my utter and total respect, have too my beauties, Till next time. Rose xxx