British sign language I learned early on, mainly as without it I was stuck to writing everything down, and that’s not always possible. I am practically voice less. No singing no laughter no Giggle’s to be heard, in fact I am rarely noted for even being awake so little noise I generate.

I learned to use american sign language to talk to one girl who was from Denver. In the long run, learning it was a good thing I think! It allowed my to travel, it allowed me to”talk” and it taught me more than a few things along the way.

In second life it’s got good points and bad points, I am mute not deaf, so please don’t shout it’s not likely to do more than upset me, oh and it makes you look silly when you work it out!

However we look at it, I only use half of “voice chat” in fact to be blunt about it, I only use voice chat to hear klew’s voice. OK OK I have a slightly huge crush bite me! Or listen to her silky voice……

Of course i am not alone out there, there’s lots of us mute or dead or partially deaf people in second life, and some make an example out of their new skill while some hide it and you would never know! One person who doesn’t hide it, though she’s not into bill board advertising her skill, modesty remains a by word with her, and that is my Mistress . Brace is perfect, but she is partially deaf, OK well a little more than partially. But unless you looked real close at some of the tell tale signs, ( pardon the pun!!) You would probably not know.  bBeing this way for a period of time brings a few habits, one of which is  it’s kinda natural for us to simple add “signs” of ” waves the fingers” to conversations, and as we both do this, the sought of two women using sign  language is becoming a commonality.

One mute, one deaf, and perfect symmetry. She is the ying to my yang, we fit. Yet another bond between us, but more than that, we communicate so well it’s like she’s a half of me. Which in a way she is I guess. I suppose we better explain how we both work in the dance halls and music player and so fourth, but I won’t, maybe you can come ask, some time, if you really want to know maybe just maybe I’ll show you the sign.

I will be ruining an experiment and integrating a few theories this week, as some of you know I wear an arm binder for my owner,  which in real time would render me voice less. Maybe it’s time to integrate that into my SL world……….