She sits her aching bones by the crackling log fire, traps her clay pipe on the hearth, scrapes it, with a nail. Dusting the remnants of the last bowl of bacca into the grate, before adding the right amount of bacca to the bowl. Carefully pads it in place with a worn thumb, and taking kindling lights the bowl. The plume of blue gray smoke drifts aside as the kindling joins others in the fire. I lean back in the rocker and rest a moment before turning to those assembled and speaking gently, in the calm voice. “Well, now let me see….”

We assembled the intrepid adventurers on half hitch reservation. Finding it sparse as ever and yet warmed by the hazy afternoon sun. We found three sturdy boats, and with sails set sought, we three slipped their moorings from the dockside and slithered the boats east a little, into Blake sound as I recall… then north into dangerous tides, passing that isle of scaly men that grief passers by, and on up to the forked junction by the channel elides, slipping east once mornothing tracking slight to keep the sails in the wind, up to the gummage, there to bow west, careful with the slippage of knots passing the air sea rescue,

The sun starting to set warning or skins, a spring moment appeared. So twas nothing really to slide the sail past the knot, and rig her a little wider to race down south west in the gulley, to Ahabs haunt. ah the vessels under the wind power, Calypso her self would have been proud as chalcedony took the waves in her stride. Manoeuvering the shells class boat with such an ease, twas as if she was born to it. All to soon we three lowered our sails and relaxed to the calls of nature. ”

Leans to the fire and lifts a lit kindling to the bowl sickling the pipe to life once more, and smiling to the cross that listen. Blows smoke triangles before continued story telling.

“Now then, Coming close by as the hands speed around the time piece, so south east a little more we roamed and down through dead man’s ally. Where the feared and most dreadful aircraft carrier sits waiting the new war, and her patrol boats do stand ready and awaiting to start a war when they can too.

But no wars today for we three, and we did slip that noise and out the foot of that channel like corks we popped. Sun still high, and spirits renewed with fresh stewed tea, we took a heading south. Running a full six knots in the sun, gives a girl time to think a bit, in the wonders of the day, and in my case at least, I was reminded of how the day started in Her arms.

The course took us down the straights and confess by the pharos light house. There we would checking for fresh water and turned inland as little.”

Ponders a moment and smiles, puffing the blue great smoke into the air, recalling the lack of clothing the warm weather allowed us…. But yet half a take is no take, settling the pipe side, continues to narrate the day

“Nautilus is a cruel channel for larger vessels but these small boats took to the channel like dreams, even Mistress did remark upon her speed in the rocky passage. Now then we did reach the end of that and slew her keels about till faced east once more. And the sailing back on the same wind and heading we left that adventure running a full with knots, though chalcedony did as I recall say thirteen, ain’t that a fair thing?”

Taps the bowl out on the fireside, before gently picketing the clay pipe and placing it in my waist coat.”So you see, we three did have a gale of a time, exploring together. I don’t recall a finer way to spend nothing and still get the very most I can offer. And if that means we must redo this trip time and time again! So be it!”

Cackles a smile out to think of how the day ended, and rocks silent except for a creaking of the rocker chair, and for light that glows around us all.