No pictures, no fancy poets words not clever word play,
No potions pills or apothecary list, nor yet the jargon, they spill common sense with. No, simple words for the moment are needed thus.

All hallows eve is upon us all. Now then my dear brethren, there’s a few things I want to get perfectly clear!, it is not! Halloween! That word and the event that is associated to it was designed thought up dreamed up and with an awful lot of cash, publicly shoved down the throats of the entire world by a “candy company” why? Well! Three reasons the company in question wanted you to buy their candy, that’s the really obvious one. Two, the company in question just by chance happens to be owned by the same group of disposable people that own Disney! Walt and every part of that disaster that they call dream world! And thirdly my darlings, because candy companies are backed by the most powerful organization of all, the sugar corporation!

Now before to flick the page, let’s throw out the reality of the situation. All hallows even. Or the saints night or I think the Mexicans and Jamaica’s more enlightened crowds call it black night, devils night and in the list are many others, but we will stick with the hallows eve!

All hallows eve is reported to be the time when the dead come alive, this is of course complete twaddle! And that phrase though passed around rather avidly, was actually first published by the Vatican, to allay fears of the exorcism of Chantilly ma Rosen burgh, which caused a heck of a stir in the village she was in including ghosts Spook’s specters and big n spiders which where seen to roam during said exorcism.

The truth according to those in the know, is that all hallows eve is the night when the borders between the spirit world and our or world are so this that spirits can step through for a time and walk the earth. So if this is the case, why do we have pumpkin lanterns? Well! The pumpkins are ripest at this time of year, and those in the know use the flesh of the pumpkins for some rather nice beverages and foods sweet treats and of course that leaves then with a lot of shells. Candles are not heard to make lanterns help to soothe the children’s mind about the spirits, bingo jack o lantern.

Witches, of all forms! Wizards, warlocks, sisters of the the moons, in fact almost all magik dwellers count this night rather special. And I am no exception! You see this is the one night of the year, where magik can happen. Does happen and will happen. No matter your beliefs stem every religion has a name for what we are about to endure. I for one will be enjoying every naked dance and moot.

Come little children ill take thee away into the land of adventure…………. Till next we meet… Stay safe.. Rose x