Been not posting for a while, trying to get my head around some things that cropped up. And of course for me best place to think it’s at Her feet.

I guess the family might see me as lap dog while I work these issues out. But I love them, they love me, I am sure they will understand. I am not doing as much as I was in world either, while I try to figure stuff out. Have had many chances to speak to Alice this last few days and more than one time I got close enough to open a window to do so, but. …. This is my problem and I must deal with it. …

Of course as always the cosmos makes its mode and things I figured out, go down the toilet. so I was getting ready to post a link bit last night finally in a bad space that said yeah. .. Things are working out.  And then the walls fell as” shakaa when the walls fell”  and everything I had worked for fell apart. With one sentence. …. And one reply. .. ” so she has you fingering yourself in front of others?  My avatar yes”  and in that moment, everything I have spent so long on, fell to dust.

Yet another lesson the cosmos teaches for free, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. And this event was just that. To show me not to rely, on any one, outside the family. For any reason, to do what you think they will, what they say they want. what they say they need to do. … Because simply put… The only persons that you can truly trust that way. Are  family.

Been learning a lot lately. .. But as ever my mistress wrapped me in her arms smiled  Her smile. … And we work through lunch. ..