Pride, they say is the biggest and most volatile emotional response in the armoury of life. But it does fill your heart and soul, to taste just a little of the fruit of pride. To drink just a sip of that blossom tainted dew, that in this case has a distinctly French flavour.

My girl paulinia, a truly amazing woman, who is wise beyond the translation to English. And with luck and lindens stored in my purse, we went shopping!

Now girls will know this, boy’s however will ponder skipping this post as I mention shopping,the terror they feel as  we say words like ” just a browse”  or  ” what do you think of” the depth of  engrained  fear on their brow easy to see.  But with its girls,  completely different feeling ,  grabbing keys, and of we go. Retail therapy….my favourite……

First stop was one of my favourite shops out side the mountain, which I don’t leave that often to be fair. Karu karu is filed with liquid latex sweetness.  A candy shop of colours  ( still needs a emerald green!  ) buckles, straps, sheer or solid. Karu is the place to shop!

My Little one wandered here and there so fast my larger frame has to breathe harder to keep up!. .. But settling on a few choices,  and making notes of her likes and dislikes, was valuable for me too. Seeing her smile as she chose the style was worth all the moments we lose in a day worrying. And the more interested amongst you, May have noted a slight theme.  Colours of the brightflames, have started to appear more often.

I wear red or ruby red a heck of a lot,  yes I wear many colours but those are  ” my”  colours,  chalcedony wears purple, though I have to say  I like her in blue check and gingham, but then I am biased!  Laya wears  purple  or black or  a combination of the two. .. Eve wears pink  lots of shiny pink! And Mistress Brace wears green, usually emerald green or brunswick green. So what to do with my girl?  Royal blue.  A little transparent underwear, and she is perfectly dressed!


I still am in awe, that I am so gifted to own paulinia, to show her the delights and lessons I have learned among the treasure of my past.  But when you stop running along a road, a look at the true beauty that surrounds you, you find diamonds in the cobble stones of life.

et je trouvai les pauvres de diamant, d’un amour qui remplit maintenant mon cœur de joie quand je vois le nom allument, quand je sens ses lèvres sur les miennes, quand elle se met à genoux. Aimez-vous, mon petit

Yes I am learning French too…. But then, who would not do so for such a girl. .. Till next post. .. Steady safe sparkles of love Rose xx