Sometimes we need a few moments alone to contemplate and evaluate the choices we make. To understand the lessons we are learning.  Working lunch and the contents of that post, brought challenges that in truth I was not prepared to address, due in part to a flaw in my character.

I am human, mistakes and errors in judgement do occur from time to time.  Usually through lack of communication I find. But there where many errors that compounded impacted the judgement I made. Whilst changes to statements, details and the picture gets coloured in, the perspective changes, and with that change the judgement changes.

Ironically, if you water dust in Australia, you get flowers growing.  In the same way I think the dust my plans fell to, May yet still grow into flowers.  And maybe just maybe we can salvage the situation with a dab of mistress’s tender loving care, a fresh bowl of water  and some rope. ..

The tidal wave that threatened my little boat, has qwelled, calmed and disappeared.  Not calm seas still invite the sails to billow, and together we will see a future. ..