Cockburns law, “when the taps are flowing the bars open ”
Braces law ” no one wears more than I do in this pub”
Roses law  ” privacy, is like morals, the more you investigate, the less the rules apply ”

So a few tiny changes to the plan, a lot of likely photos and a few naughty ones May appear in flickr. Based in a public house.  And these pics will reflect the moments they are taken with the up most clarity.

Lots of other changes have occurred since the last post, some I’m still trying to get my head around long enough to post a thread or page on here about them, and others are still evolving.  Went shopping with my girl paulinia  again this week, and we got us or first bed Together. .! . Slowly in many ways, we are I think, synchronized in our determination of the future.  That is to say e,we both understand the limits, and we both respect them. But I dream of a future.

Had a good old fashioned clean out this week, nor just in prims, but also memory lanes.  Sitting starting at the pictures won’t make the people in them appear, or follow the dreams they and I once pondered. And though those time lines are missed out not likely now, they brought a smile when needed.  And the friendship however strained by the offers made, remains.

So redecorating the home a bit, wipe a few surfaces, change a few pictures.  Why not go further?  New furnishings!  Have you seen the price of some people’s idea of furnishings?  Like what the fuck are you people smoking?  When others produce nicer, easier to use, no pose ball, cleaner, better looking bits of furniture at a fraction of the price.

So now before I click away from this post, and last three pad down, and return to smuggling my mistress in bed.  Let’s tell you about the picture and the challenge behind it.  I know a porn star or two. Well OK, I know several, and for many reasons. But one in particular. Brea. And whilst sitting on our respective boats I came up with a bit of a challenge.


No  I know, I’m not in her League of Super model.  But I can still make a impact with a picture. …

So I set her a challenge