Sometimes the culmination of plans and thoughts, of careful design and gentle assigning of perfect minds brings a multitude of smiles.  And this Sunday noon event was no exception!  DJMal at the helm serving fine tunes, luscious Laura Furse and  Eve ” pretty kitty”  Brightflame as dancing flames of passion. And a summary noon crew for the formal at the hollow was formed!

I always though to dance that dance was the best thing since I joined the flames, boy oh boy was I wrong!  The pleasure of hosting, something I’d never have thought of me ever doing, turns out to be something I am really enjoying doing.  And of course not dancing means I don’t have to change sizes,  so I can stay at teen foot tall!  Bonus!

But today saw more delights before during and after the dance.  Not only was the day gifted and blessed with strange but welcome new additions to the crew. But also, we managed to spend time  Mistress and me,  plus Cidri, even if  only in  “im” as she was on her mobile, but we did manage to sort out a few things that need dealing with.  Add to this mix a few additions including naked  snuggles, and all in all today has been amazingly good.

The one sad note is the departure of my girls relatives in real time.  Which allowed will keep her busy in real time for some time.  And I’d like to take a moment to wish her every possible best wish at what I am sure is a trying time for her and her family.  I wish her to know,  all of us at the Hollow, wish her the condolences as we would any family member who lives loved ones.

Because that is what we do in a family. rally round and love each other. …….. Looking back over today’s pictures in Mistresses photos, I am reminded of how much love the world had given me, and how much I love Sundays.