Introducing Cidri Katz, is not easy.   A red head that owns others, not an easy choice to pick as a sub, Nor was it easy  to choose a roll for her. But chose to kneel she had this day, and I humbled in my own girls words, accepted her and those under her charge and eye as mine.

Cidri is a Mistress, well respected, and stylish. Classy, and careful,  in her clothing arrangements.  She owns a rare few who have this far struck me as nice enough and rather cute young ladies. And now draws strength from the collar she wears.

Some see switches as weak, but the truth is those that say such nonsense well they are simply insecure. The strength comes from knowing that there is someone there to hold you in place, knowing someone will hold you when you fall.  And knowing that if you need advice, you will get it without fear of long weaker for not knowing, or for asking.  Such a notion is utter bullshit. And those that force the issue in my mind are Cowards, that do not either understand the strength, or the truth of a person that switches.

Now the rants done ! But I wish to clear this point by saying not once, has any one ever said Cidri is weaker for being who she is!  And  though a few have said so about me, when I wasn`t there to hear them I might add,  no one had had the balls to say such rott to my face.  And they better not do so!  Even waving a white flag!
Today I took a switch to be mine.  A strong woman held by a strong woman connected to a strong woman. And each strong woman owns strong women. Together we will journey along our paths and find our journey easier for we do so hands in hand.

And in that moment we take strength.

So to introduce Cidri Katz is not easy. ….. But I have done so. .. For she is sister to Paulinia Couer also mine!