Time carries no meaning in subspace.  In fact even breathing, needs justification, in the realm of sparkles. I travelled to this place  twice this week. And even so. … Though I came and went.  This place, this impression, did not alter for me my own desire. But it did help me to focus, on the important things in life. 

It was a little like being thrown into a swimming pool, the deeper you, are the more alone you feel.  The nearer the surface you get, the more able you are to hear or feel those around you.  And simple tasks, are once more simple. But in the deep, the sparkles of lust, love, truth, respect, desire even. Become rainbows of virtue.

I can’t say if it was the scene, the anticipation of the actions of my owner, the sheer overwhelming desire to please Her, or maybe even the length between times from last to this, but in the instance it occurred, I knew without any doubt, that truth was perfectly aligned with fact. 


And in that space, a single word echoes in my ears” yes”  I can’t say if it was made by man, woman, demon or goddess, but it has happened twice now. .. Sparkles that blind numb the serves but enhance them past all hours or thoughts. This space brings clarity of thought to a new height,  but if you focus there the words around you awaken you, distract you from the moment.


Feeling her tender care after such an earth moving experience.  Comforting the most silent loud scream that I May or may not have used. …. Was and is a skill mistress has perfected. 


And Her mastery of Ropes, leaves my world in awe. …… tá tú ag an fócas mo domhan, gan aon eisceachtaí, entice tú mo anam agus aigne a bheith níos fearr. Tá tú ag grá agus lusted tar éis, agus tá mé an t-ádh leor chun a bheith sa mhéid is go cried go ndéanann amhlaidh. Tá tú mo domhan. Mo bhean chéile. Mo grá. Mo úinéir.