AS those of you that follow  my blog, and have for sometime will have realised, My  girl paulinia has been a central focus in my life, for some time. The truth of the matter is,  we have in our own way found a accord that meets to our lives,demands on time and  comfort.  but also we have found that we have  more common traits than was first thought. Indeed  we have over time  grown our feelings for each other, that stretch  far beyond the constraints of  the collar she wears. I would however  take a moment to point out, that, though I kept those in check as best I could, while  She was partnered.  that restraint is now lifted.

This news is not a joy to be fair,  for her partnership was  to a woman I respected, a woman that  taught me so very much and a woman that I  felt I would  happily call sister for the rest of my days. So to loose such a  woman from my life has created a  vacuum of sorts,  but to loose it from Paulinias, is filled with  other emotions and hurts, some that can be seen some that cant.

Those of you who have read my blog to date, will note reference’s to  Paulinia,  that crop up as they do in daily events.  And as with all things  we partner  we fall   we  rise   in our own way and time. I`m no stranger to  partnerships.  I`ve been in several   in this  time line.  and none of them worked for me. This is not to say  don`t do it, by the way  I know of many   that  work their partnerships well,  a certain  gypsy and  her “lucky” lucka  come to mind! amongst  so many others. But the keys here, at least from what little I gleaned from those that are partnered for a long term happily.  is communication.  And there it seems to have faltered  in so many ways. Once that  has failed  the doom is sealed, and no one  not even a ”  temptress  whore,  with a hidden agenda,  to takeover the whole of woman kind one relationship at a  time ”  will change that simple truth.  When it stops working   life becomes too short to  continue to push a bad position,as much as love and trying  and making  sacrifices and changes will allow, simply  put once the  trust  and communication is  gone  then nothing will  change an inevitability.

Now I`ve highlighted my girl`s choice to leave a partnership for two reasons. One is obvious I feel for my girl and her emotional hurt and loss,  does give me cause  for concern. But thsi event also hammers home the  choices I made ( if indeed it was not the cosmos making choices for me, and I was merely a tool for that !)  inthe many partnerships that  where entered into by me, with people I stupidly in some  cases, blindly, in other cases, thought i`d be partnered with for good. I guess we all think this will be it  for good ,  no need to move  or find another once you have what you need, but the truth is that isn`t the case in all events.  and to make  a partnership of any kind work  you need to talk a lot. And that talk between the people involved must be honest and open, and constant!

Now I can sit here and say that because  I`ve been there done that and  burned the tshirt too many times, to not understand the lesson that I learned.  The   One saving grace in my corner was the fact I an now married into a partnership, with many aspects and ratio`s  that is constantly evolving, communicating and on every level the give and take of life is  being fulfilled.  It doesnt matter if you  understand the in and out of what has happened,  but it does matter that you take from this post  a simple truth..

If you stop talking  you lose,  if you ignore the others in the party, if you  simply   dive your head into the sand of  a n other topic.   you will loose the woman,  man,  dragon, vampire  demon  or  fairy  you are partnered to..  and no crying about it will change it ..

till next time  stay safe…   and communicate…… and be loved   Rose xxx