I would not steal other people’s partners. ….
But I would talk to them like human beings. .
I would not take an age responding to my partner. .
But I would reply promptly,knowing how little time they have
I would not abuse their good nature. …..
But I would be honest and open enough to speak to your face
I would not fuck a partner behind your back…..
Our tie them to a Palm tree. … And force them to orgasms…
If I had a conscience I wouldn’t chain a partnered wife to my bed
Except when she begs me too ….
If I had a conscience I would not have stolen your heart.
Our run from collar, because it’s too hard being true to myself. .
Oh wait…..
I Do ……

Yes I know what is meant, but you know what really hurts?  I do have one. A conscience .. And it screams at me to say. I have nothing to feel guilty for. Nothing to feel bad for. Nothing to answer for. … And every smile every moment every word every sentence she uses even in broken English, tells me. I was right to do everything I have done.

Can you say the same? 

I am Rose BrightFlame wife, lover, friend, slave of Brace Mao BrightFlame. I live on a mountain with an Amazing family. Who do Not ignore me, abuse me, or my partners, or my girls, when my back is turned,  and then smile at my face when I ask. …. And then accidentally forget to tell me about the palm tree. Incident  ….. Wave a white flag If you come near me. …. Our better still just don’t.

To the rest of you that read this, know this. …. Love and sparkles  respect honour truth. Rose xx