Long ago, before the stars where born, a single concept occupied free space. It refused to evolve along with every other concept that followed, because like the great white shark there really is no need to evolve perfection.

This concept remains as good to day as when that first glimpse of change occurs that began the human race. And with those changes came New challenges.  But still the concept remains true.  Even though most humans don’t won’t or can’t realise is truth.

This week I talked with a dj, who I’ve rather taken to four a few reasons, not least of which the simple fact he” gets ” where I am coming from with this concept.  But also because he  has a fair trade in music that matches my own. Yes  crazy rose, said  “he” twice!  And hasn’t attempted to  slice, dice or eat him.

In fact the debate I had, was rather informative, not only from my requirement to find a stable trust worthy DJ with a good sense of musical taste, but also from a personal healing point of view.  Taking to men hasn’t been my strong point for some years as much as  I would like to say I am comfortable doing so,  I am not really.  But this guy made it easier, even was incredibly impeccable in his choices, not only of words but care and understanding was imported and constructed in every line.  A rarity as must men talk to my chest.

Now I am not saying the current roster of DJ in the hollow is not  ” stable or untrust worthy, nor am I saying, that their musical treats are not worthy to listen to. Sunday’s sample  from Chalcedony was the bomb!  But I was looking towards adjusting the roster to give more time for our family to do family stuff. So this kinda fits. And to be honest, I rather enjoyed talking to the guy. Which I think surprised us both.

So what has this guy to do with the concept?  Nothing!  Not an electronic sausage, or possibly everything.  I can’t say for sure, but if you have read my blog,  you will note that I do subscribe to the theorem  that the cosmos brings humans together for a reason, and not always the one we think it is either.  To learn a lesson or teach a point, so maybe it’s time I learned to choose with men one step at a time.  And then thinking this through a step further there is his companion.

An angel gothic bleached white skin, indeed inked  with black careful lines, not extremely big, not flat chested, nice to talk to young girl. With a little something extra. …. Now before the more advanced gigglers start to smile knowingly, no,  that is not why I talked to the DJ. To get with his partner. Though I have to say in the interest of fairness,  she is damn tastey to look at, and to talk to. . And yes the thought had crossed my mind. But no.

This woman also has nothing out probably everything to do with the concept. I shall see!  Now I guess you are trying to work out the point of this entire post?  What is crazy rose  talking to me about all this stuff for?  Well the answer is simple,  standing tall in the long grass of life.

The concept?  ” The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” I touch my collar,  the belt I wear,  the ring on my hand, and I understand and feel that concept. I actively endorse it. And finally I learned.

* lays the tablet down and snuggles into Her arms. *