Another Wednesday dance,
another warm romance
Another truth to prance
It’s way to your mind.

The solitary conviction.
Of lifestyle demolition
And the totally insane
Protocol still to find

That all too soon
the time is short
And all your bitching
Has come to naught.

You see my darling reader thus.
If you have lost, don’t scream or cuss
Instead take the advice I gift
And I prey you take this from the rift.

Hold Close the truth That you have told
Strike not until the words are cold
But when you strike aim straight and true
Our else the egg will fall on you.


I wrote this today, looking out of the window at my cottage, watching my daughters play and Joke on the chalet porch , and reading an email from my girl paulinia. Today I spoke with little miss velvet tongue.  We  covered  both the fact she can’t submit to any one her mind won’t allow, and how much she loves her sisters.  We covered topics from our past and current even ventured into our future.  and for the first time since I met her, I was able to speak on my lust, desire, and how my mind won’t want her as some or sub, but as a lover. …. And a friend. … Also the bunny she once  knew and taught has grown,  and I think this shocked  the velvet tongue. .. To find that love and a bed would be open,  but also that her student would” take her  as  her’s”  perhaps a reason to explore once more part thoughts hopes and dreams for all. ….

There was once a girl I would torture and kill,  a vampire with her own distinct link, who in our past made choices that brought us to split our relationship apart, now we have gently today and for a short while attempted to this, but yet slowly and soft worded we step lightly along that path a little further, as I echo painted why I felt, how I felt about our parts in the journey so far.  We have much to thank the velvet tongue one for. ….


So then to the dance,  dominated as we where today by the” eog” a game of some sort that the boffins in the labs are creating and playing on the SIM. And of course the chat in the dance was filled with the banter we  love so well.  The noon crew really have got this sorted as a team and we have all become greater friends for it. Tunes today by my daughter laya, where outstanding as ever,  even saw giga and juggs today so was good to be amongst loved and dear friends.  Two hours doesn’t last long, and in the last thirty minutes my girl Paulinia showed up.  Dancing with her is a pleasure,  and a rare treat for she doesn’t often get unleashed from my bed, but this was a rare occasion with nothing said as she kissed me and became a Brightflame. Taking our name and agreeing to the family values,  brought a whole new chapter to our living relationship. 


Of course the family at the dance where also some what Happier once the name was fixed. And to celebrate I took mine to the graves shop to gift her a gravity suit in blue, nothing goes easily and it took a while to get the item delivered,  in the mean time she convinced me to slip into a new outfit of snake skin,  which I’ve had my eye on waiting for the appliers to be ready.  Founded and found the items and home for a lap dance. Followed by mistress reapearing perfectly on time, and being added to second on my girls collar.  So all in all today’s been pretty undoubtedly and totally and utterly perfect.

Now all I need is chocolates and a warm bed. ……… Till next time
Stay safe be good and never say never!  I am Rose, Brightflame owner of  Paulina “petals” Brightflame  and slave, lover, wife, and friend  in chastity online and offline to  Mistress Brace Mao Brightflame. It’s got a ring to it hasn’t it?  Giggles…..