Heimdall would say  ” your world has gone full circle rejoice your one step closer to Valhalla ” and of course he would be right. A little known fact here,  I was in the forest tests for bane isolation suits way back when in another life.  So to be back in one with all its enhancements,  is quite a mind blower to be fair. 

But wear one I do for my owner. She expressed a whim to isolate me and I expressed a desire to be isolated,  though admittedly I said caged!  But you can’t argue with perfection.  So gravity sit in red  ( a girl needs more than standard black latex skin) heels of course,  and a bane Helmet from our dear friend mo.

The first thing to notice is that the protocols are slightly different,  thee New lid doesn’t punish you to start with our it seems have to run through its self test before you are time locked.  The second thing is that this lid is adjustable,  so you can stretch out of you have a big head!  It comes in a stylish back,  which works with nearly all outfits. And the menu system is really easy to use. 
Of course the reality of the situation comes home to you really fast when you violate protocols, but I am mean, and won’t say more on this.  Would I self own a bane? Sure,  the processing units are fun,  well written,  and provide a four hour experience that you just can’t ignore.  But like sailing,  it gave me time and chance to think. And that is invaluable to me.

I got really angry this week,  it doesn’t happen often but, hearing How a certain some one treated her ex in instant message, really got to me for a moment.  But it reminded me to check on my ex, and find she’s back with her sammy. So maybe we all had lucky escapes.  And maybe the  ” I won’t partner ever again” was just hot words in the heart of despair. What ever reasons or conclusions you come to. I wish them all the best.  Indeed  I can’t complain as I have now wives, family, love and trust. And an owner that cares enough to kiss my bane helm, and smile.  Then sign “Teas, grá, paisean, iomláine, a bheith ar cheann; gach cur síos ar na mothaithe go líonadh mo chorp, aigne, agus anam. Is breá liom tú, mo ghrá, mo chroí, mo bhean chéile. Tá mé an chuid is mó bheannaigh na mban”

Could I be happier?  Bane   C 3182 shut down .