We come in all shapes and sizes,
The harlets with their trolling chests
Some talk of giants high rises
Some wonder about under the vest,

But truth be told, we are just people.
We breed and we bleed and we cuss
Our hearts work the same way yours do
There’s just well,  more of us. .

Our nipples announce our arrival
Standing proud turgid and point.
Some pierced, with chain and with bar bell 
Some oh naturel they do flaunt.
Some missiles stick out there so true
Some shy ones they say that they are flat
Some get larger over time
Some expand in a hurry
Some say rigid and coned
Some are soft, some are furry.
But all have no wish to ensnare you
You have to want them for that.

But we women all have them
Tiny to huge great balloons
Give a thought the next time you see one
Don’t gawp like a love struck buffoon.
Because behind them hooters you glare at
Is a person just like you
With feelings and emotions like you do
I’ve got a big pair Have you? 

You can see them at dances and events
We host them times a week
But if you don’t have nice things to say
I’d really prefer you don’t speak
But feeding a flame makes them burn brighter
The mash ups that in the chest rises
We are women behind the disguise
And we come in all shapes and sizes.