Protocols,  rules set out to keep the guide lines adhered to. To keep traditions in their proper place, to help not hinder those who follow the  BDSM lifestyle.  There’s a fair few of them and those of us of enough to remember the old school bdsm lifestyle traditions, will really moan when they see the very rules we live by flouted, ignored and in some cases completely forgotten.

A wise woman once taught me, ”  there are three versions of the  lifestyle, 1, the lifestyle itself old school traditional and most refer to it as  ” old guard” 2, New school,  New theories and styles adding to the whole,  3, wank magazines,and pornographical film ” bondage fruits”  and its the third of these I wish to look at today.

This would be the group of people who liked the clothes, thee latex, the ideas, the sex. But rules don’t really apply to them, safety and tradition are old news and get in the way of sex, and arguing just gets you spanked,  whipped, or cages. After all that’s how it happens in the movies,  right? I read that somewhere in and pornographical magazine.  Now I am not going to tell you this group of people are wrong in their outlook.  Certainly each to their own, and  your kink is not my kink but your kink is  ok. Two quotes we brandy around a lot in the actual lifestyle,  seem to give this third group a free ticket to enjoy themselves. 

The problem comes when they interact with actual lifestylers.  So  for example.  I broke into some ones security orb and got ejected this week, from some girls land where I shouldn’t have been.  OK  so  I would have apologised, but before I had chance,  the owner ( 19 yr old mistress,group 3) tried asserting her” dominance”  which met with my band of dry humour and added to block. A the Miss has no actual listed owner of any determination, I can’t step higher than her, so I thought to simply stay out of her way and let it go….. Simple all sorted, except if she still had the balls to complain,  she had  my owners name on my profile, and she knew it very well any way.  But instead she choose to split threats and spit her dummy at an other wife of the Brightflames.

To my mind, this epitomises the dreadful state of the lifestyle in sl. No following the protocols, no idea there even are any, fragrant disrespect and disregard for both the collar and the owner. And this from a girl titled “mistress” of the total age  nineteen, who it turns out was taught how to be a domina by…… other nineteen year old who obviously also didn’t understand the lifestyle, traditions or basic manners. Further investigation revealed that these two young ladies where taught by a woman,  who thinks  and I quote”   collars are a mill stone, a barrier between us all,  as  long as  my cocks in a throat or ass I am happy the rest doesn’t matter ” unquote and that was a quote from the woman who had her  appendage in the rectum of the young lady who’s security I fell foul of, as  she was delivering that quite elliquant epitaph on the lifestyle in general. Before returning to her  bondage club.

So really I guess it’s no wonder the lifestyle we (some of us!) live by, is so badly treated, or viewed by the general population, when you have these antics going on, and enhanced by the odd latex loving film and magazines bent on titilation and destroying the beauty of the lifestyle itself. For a fast buck, or did I spell that wrong?  It saddens me to see it. It makes me wonder why I bother, then I touch my collar,  feel Her guidance and understand exactly and precisely why I bother.

And those wishing to view the transcript I quoted, feel free to get in touch by note card, starting a viable reason for doing so,  and I will release the transcript. Fill next time be awesome to each other ..Rose. xx