Early mornings are hard work for me,  just lately my body has been in turmoil, trying to balance medication with long term insomnia is not easy.  But lately I’ve found ways to make it work better for me  one simple way is to go to bed happy! And as crazy as that sounds it seems to play off.

Of course I long out of sl, and into my smaller chat to prepare for bed, wind down a little catch up on emails.  And Mistress comes along to tuck me into bed,  most times I am there, a few I’ve already faded out. But relentless Mistress  never fails.  The comfort and security that brings my mind, makes me happier than most will ever understand.

Time zones are a bitch sent from the underworld to cause chaos,  so my breakfast occurs when Mistress is fast asleep,  so  I sneak out of bed and feed shower,  and must times return to bed. This but may sound a bit odd,  but I like watching Her sleep. She comes to bed and wraps me in her arms. And the world becomes a warm safe place to sit and think. To lay relaxing and safe in the knowledge that the world may be mad, but she is here to help me, as much as I ever do for her. 

So ok then the last week in a nut shell.  Now this is a new idea I am trying,  once a week a round up of the worlds highs and lows.  Or at least my little corner of it! 

This week saw a few changes in the line up of BrightFlame family members.  To date the current family is comprised of  “Brace, Hymalaya, Chalcedony,Rose,Eve, Jin, Dextarian, Tenshi,Joy, Leanna and now proudly adding Paulinia. 

The news My sister Laura, is going to be made into an” honest woman”  in a double wedding in December with her partners son and soon to be daughter in law, has touched the romantic side of my heart.  She is marrying in white!  Shocking I know for a flame,  but I couldn’t be happier for them!  And I gain a cute FOX as a brother! 

Of course adding the two events together,  means that the family tree has grown in an odd shape but, aren’t all families?   so the tree grows!  The world turns, relationships popped up too, Techno and Her Gf…. Caused a little stir in the pot of life this week, but as ever  Mistress was on top of it.  And I think all are happy with the outcome.

I made a friend!  OK sounds more dramatic than it is I guess, but were doesn’t cover it  Hemi Violet is a designer, grafter, store owner. And the architect of most of our breasts and skins.  Not to mention Scalez. Now then a little known fact here.  I wear a skin that lays bought me.  Which btw was the first of hundreds I tried with the applier system.  And yes is one of Hemi’s creations. And I love it! Any who. ….. We got to talking after she messages Mistress”  is your rose spending money again” ? Turns out she doesn’t live to far away in real time.  And working exceedingly long hours to create all the goodies in her shop,  means she doesn’t get to be very social.  But our sense of humour shines, and the banter was cool.

Dances went with only minor hitches this week so all in all the week was pretty damn perfect. So there’s a summry of the week. .
Till next I meet stay safe, be good, love and sparks  Rose! Xx