I am Paris, you hear the cry, all over the net, all over the world, in disgust and shock,horror and saddness, as people are understandably outraged at this tragic and pointless Loss of life. 

But , I see a different pattern.  I don’t see the deaths as pointless, I see a bully guiding a country through fear, to accomplish a task set out in a plan by the social elite to  get France to submit and get with the program.

Some may rail me for this, but You see it makes my churn to see the country or any country be forced by terrorism to agree to bomb another.  And that is what this tragedy has accomplished.  The deaths that we see plastered on the media,  where confidently and coincidentally aligned with France being asked to bomb Syria.  And low and behold, once the dust settles France suddenly agrees to bomb this country, that has never harmed France. Posses no threat to France or Europe.  Has no wish to do so,  note then that this tragedy is made complete by the deaths that will occur in Syria as a result.

And while you are all crying for the deaths, thee world continues to plot. For example did you know that Israel and that lieing traitor scum tpiz, met with officials of google to try to get all videos of Palestine removed from google and other tubes in an effort to wipe Palestine from the map? Indeed if you looked on google maps three country now reads”  disputed territory of Israel” and they choose this time as the world was watching France to attempt treaties to wipe the palastine country from the world’s history books. 

I am truly sickened that the people in this cabal of terror used this clearly cowardly attack on french civilians to accomplish this horrific action,  on the above of people who are owned by the largest corporation this world ever will meet.  The company that controls the net, the media, the bombs and bullets these monsters use to control and feed power to their own glut.

Now I am sure some of you will turn on my post with disgust that I used the French tragedy to post this vile anti semantic post. But as the true Semitism in this world is being destroyed by Israel, at the same time that the power hungry fat politicians are cutting the world into usable blocks,  I say the warning of history shows us who pulls the marionette strings,  and they are true terrorism embodied.  So while we cry for the people of Paris, this off the people, women, children, brothers, sisters, mothers Father’s,  who in the context of seasons will have their homes obliterated by the bombs dropped as a result.

I usually end my posts with love and sparks, but this post I will simply say, when they Black bag me, you might want to read this again. And wonder, which country is next for a little terrorism, for a little shock and we. …. For a mission accomplished. ..  I am Rose Brightflame. And candles burn for the fallen all of the fallen