The scary moment when you first step into a rope infested playroom, was supposed to be the hardest step to take. And so when I took my girl to task I tried to make it a painless as possible.  As those of you that have followed my exploits  on flickr, will know  I tested this room with my Mistress. 

So when I gave her the choice shopping,  our favourite pass time!  Our a night of ropes. I honestly expected doing to win the coin toss.  But surprise and love answered the call,  and she quietly whispered ropes. … Seems to me she has never been there, and so it was that my girl paulinia, found herself tired to the bamboo of our play room.

Now I could tell you all the ins and outs, all the knots and Giggles, but I won’t. It’s between a girl and her Mistress to know. all the words and moments that passed in the play time. Ending with my little one and I knelt before my Owner, smiling and sated.
The angel of perfection smiled on us that night.  But the true meaning of trust and devotion rained that night, when paulinia meet the rope room.  Smiles,kisses and wonder as I in aftercare asked ” you wish to do this again?” and my girl of whom I am so proud, whispers ” yes Mistress”  Snuggles in my arms changed to my bed once more. 

People have said how I can be proud of this little French woman who is rare online and speaks less English than I, but they don’t feel the smiles, they don’t feel the devotion, they just don’t know how proud I am of her. This woman who has grown and adapted to not only a true way of life, but also the giants demons and breasts that we Brightflames are renowned for. She takes these not easily, but she accepts they are me as i am them.

And the family life her as much as I, because unlike others I have introduced,  paulinia is honest and open minded. Something that I treasure.  My only far here is how she will react when she sees her  Mistress slaving for her Owner. But I am assured that she will take it as she does, ask a gazzilion questions, and smile her smile lighting thee world.


I am Rose Brightflame, proud owner of my little one Paulinia Brightflame. And slave to my shaol,mo chrio, Mistress Brace Mao Brightflame. And yes my conscience is Very happy.