I sat in the blood ring, watching the waves. Spoke softly to the three, giving my words of thanks to them for  Her safe return.  And pondering how many times this occurs in relationships.

And of course this leads my mind down the avenue to ponder relationships and circles.  How we precisely and carefully choose a circle, a loop in time, to understand the truth of linear time systems.  Because any mind that still thinks the Universal time system is a straight line from beginning to end,  needs medical attention in my view.  The obvious truth is there is no line in time.  And in the same way, the cosmos, in its wisdom, deals with relationships the same way.  It does not “do”  straight lines, but instead use circles. 

We register this as” what goes around comes around”  and then we ignore the glaring neon sign we just promoted.  That the time lines are circular. I’ve said this before,  how the cosmos chooses or parts and pathways through this hyper dimensional illumination of an illusion called life.

  I’ve tried to explain how it (the cosmos) throws things, objects and people in our path for reasons we rarely understand. But to highlight this is placing my head above the water line, for those of you still belonging in these one dude sitting on a cloud eating Philadelphia cream cheese, dressed in a bed sheet.  Who will of course scream blue murder at my outrageous claims even though they too know that something ain’t right with the current theory on how it all works.

Here’s an example,  a girl comes into my life,  Danville her charms, exits thee heart and mind to the point of near orgasm. And then makes a choice for her path, that leads her away from mine.  Later in life you see that girl again. And maybe this time, she’s still owned by another, or maybe she ignored by another, abandoned, or cherished.

Or maybe she is trying to right her mistaken choice, and sees you as the choice she should have made, but what ever the event, she is back in your life.  Now comes the tricky bit!  Once the lesson that event of her return is learned, she either stays to learn her own lesson, or she leaves, through New choices, New relationships, or her path tells pulses or shows her a new direction.  Which ever of these she follows or doesn’t matter.  You are already learning the great path or journey you are on, and that lesson is done. 

But what if the lesson is not done?  Well that girl will turn up time and Again until you do learn!  This would explain a lot of relationships where you keep going back to them or they to you, even when the rational basis for the relationship is spent. Our toxic in nature.  Our your minds screaming of short not her again,  and your voice is saying  ” hey you good to see you” 

If you think of past relationships, with this model in your mind as a template,  you start to see patterns.  Like for example.  Your” type” or abusive or emotionally damaged, or kind carrying and loving but never stays long, one night stands perhaps, or short term add hock love trysts. I remember hearing a domme in a club once ask her friend while pointing at me and my new owner,  ” why does she always find the totally abusive women to fall for? ” and the remark caused me to see the pattern of my own downfall. But made me think hard about what liberation I was learning. Time and again.

Thankfully currently my paths begun a heck of a lot closer and clearer, to something approaching total bliss.  And with highs and lows, sliding in and out, we are weathering the storm together really well.  But others who came into my life more than once I think will soon depart on their own circular path.  And when the eclipse of the two parts slips apart it will change life for one or both of us.  But this time, I will not be upset, because this time I understand it.

She came back from her family gathering,  driving all day, film her port to home. And in that journey I am thankful to say she arrived safe and sound.


  So yes,  I give thanks to the three for Her sage return into my life. To teach me lessons I door know about yet, or simply to be a part of my journey. And yes, I also give thanks to the many others that come into my life and depart on their own paths, their own journey. 

To next time stay safe, lice and sparks Rose xxx