How much I have changed,  from that stick thin vampire that wandered into the hollow,  and in awe saw and met the three women who have captured my mind heart and converted my body.  Augmented my life beyond my widest dreams.

Now I could give you the low down about how hymalaya, took me shopping one day as she was tired of my ever changing skin, and once in the sweety shop, and bought the ava skin I have worn ever since.  Or I could tell you about my mistress that spoils me rotten, took me to the same sweety shop and got me my demon, my model  and my fusion bodies over a period of time.  But then, I could also mention the wings. 


Yeah yeah I know that’s me at 16ft6 and the very sexy highly skilled be at 6ft 1 doing the Christmas shoot for busted. But yeah same sweety shop.

So I guess it’s about time I talked about hemi. Now then there is this totally genius rather hot demon,  who confidently really is a summary boobs! Intact all the boobs I wear with the exception of FOX beans cone from hemi’s be ranges.  Along with the skins wings and various scalez bodies.  Hemi Violet a one woman walking taking certifiable grafter, who really needs a plug or two.

Hemi owns a humongously   huge shop filled with everything from makeup to full avi. Violet studios is a wonderland for all male or female demon or angel, human or other!  There is something for everyone. And if you can’t find it  all she won’t bite unless you beg!  Apparently! 

But talking to my daughter and Mistress Brace, I came to a decision that I’ve been pondering for some time now.  With the exception of being with my girl,  and sailing, I am by kind permission of my owner,  going to swop to ten as the common size from jam 1st. And as a trial run,  I opted to test both ten and sixteen feet avs. Which while I was doing just that,  be from busted magazine sent a call out for models to do the December girl in her magazine.  Hence the picture of me and be!

So first photo shoot done and scared the poor girl with my size!  And home feeling proud of my self , laya popped up the family photography  ” at home with the Brightflames for Christmas.  ” was due  so in my ten off we go! Then additionally during mistress’s lunch Rachel from busted, asked for models for the  Xmas card pics, and a quick omega change and well I got that too! So my first into the magazine photo shoot world, hoping for one picture, turned into many, and who knows where that will lead! 

For those that want to see the results,  there is a vender at the Mountain Tops shop in the village, but my point here is to say that I am really happy and proud to be the size I am and that is due to my Owner Brace , my daughter laya, my wife chalcedony, and my friend hemi. With help and advice from my sister Eve, and support from her girl Tenshi.  All in all I am what I am, following rule one of the  Brightflame rules,  ” be true to yourself” 

So love and sparks to you all. Rose xx