And so with a heavy heart,  we step into the daylight of freedom in chains. But first the bad news. Giggles. Some of you may know this, some of you may not.  But times change positions in the world, and with growth comes changes.  And today brings home that notion with clear clarity. 

Reorganising the family into one space,  is a task that is really harder than you might think, when the family is ten feet high!  But today the final chunk in that task was set into motion.

The cottage that I have had so many tears and so much laughter in, has been moth balled as  has  the pub. And other homes in the Hamlet. Our little slice of heaven.  Where we Brightflames relax and enjoy the freedom to be ourselves.  Has now been consolidated into one castle.

So packing up the home into storage, has placed a tear or two down my cheeks. But the new adventure awaits!  My Mistress gathered into her what is hers, and with care and wisdom.  She set us a new home.  All of us.

The solemn moment was interrupted with the Thursday dance,  which was a particularly great dance. Topping my previous tip jar record by a very generous 8 k has really made the transition easier.  Even if I did have to dance totally naked in the club.  But I never re neg on a deal.  So dance I did.

And the final touch of heaven that reminds me I am owned and home, and of course loved….. She locks me to our bed.


Night all….rose xx