Mistress and I have been on a few missions this week. 
A few changes are now in place to change the protocols of family structure a little, making the family work a little smoother.  So to this end we have decided a few new lectures and a plan in red creation has been produced to ensure everyone gets to learn a little, and all will have the chance to grow. 

But all work and no play make life a little dull.  OK OK OK we pay  yes yes ok we play a lot,  but we have been thinking how to play a few games together that we love.  Those among you who read this blog regular,  will notice  I love sailing.  And with this in mind I have been pondering getting my” cute bum”  back in the water.  But working things out means a little bit of hunting.  So late last night me and mistress,di a bit of boat hunting.

Boats, sailing boats especially, hide.  They are best found in the water at a natural gathering place.  So we made a list of the favourites. And then equipped with the hunting gear  (nuttela and a flask of tea) we heads down to the Dutch harbour. I will let you know how we got on ……