Or the cosmos still surprises me. …

How fast time flies. In fact I was barely awakened, feeling the cold chain that binds my collar to the ring bolt above our bed. When the illusion of time started to unravel itself. Moments drifted by with the illusion. As I recalled the reasons for this chain.  And the sought of me and my petal naked on the bed, changed together with links of love. 

How deep the emotions, such simple act can bring out.   And yet the day being one of sunlight and snow, and the excitement of an adventure beckoning my senses to ride and dress. But the thoughts of her, the accent she wears, thee grace she showed as she lay in my arms. Bids my mind to lady back and fingers to travel.  Soft touches find tender flesh, until they reach the warm shield of my chastity belt.

And yet more to my delight and surprise as I find that recurrence of the feeling of perfect security and love.  Feeling it overflow from the cup of my heart.  As fingers trace the steel gate, and locks. 

Magic forms before my eyes in the form of an orange cloud that binds the moment. Blending thought love, lust and desire, into a single form that is my owner. My arms around her, her arms and lips about me.  Such a flood of raw truth, my heart has never known such a feeling.  So constant, so consistent in its entirety of passions promise. That moments drift into time.

To rise then, unchained, but still enchanted. As if nothing had changed in the interim of time between falling asleep in arms and waking in them. Dressing with care, to step down a steep from Her, to allow Her to shine, to ensure my duty is done.  Then in love and respect trust truth and honour we step into the day.

All of this sounds quiet fair. And even rather dramatic to some perhaps, but it’s how I feel waking with her.  Starting my day with Her. And that illusion is worth all the trials and tribulations that a day throws up.

First duty of the day to resolve a new flame, Ceraph Brightflame  Seer of the Brightflames talks her place and softly carefully in record books of our family.  She willingly submitted to Hymalaya in front of me and Brace and Chalcedony. And I do hope this path settles the past, and brings a hope to Laya’s future.

Now then boats! So a choice settled upon due to the nature of the desire to share a passion. Settles the choices down to two boats, and then after demonstrations where complete, the clear choice was made. A conversation wit a few painters and sailors, from my past revealed two options to super detail the craft. And so it falls that I now own a bandit “if” and two skinned versions of this craft now exist.  One in mahogany and one in royal green and pear wood.  and of course we had to test it!

Time catches up and slows at its own decay. And all too soon the darkness descends. But as it does and as the cosmos rewards the pious. Petal dropped in unexpectedly and complete the perfect day.  The perfect ending?  Naked changed to the bed and in her arms of course.

Till next we speak  love and sparks  Rose xxx