Yes a. Few short days ago, I in the current ago and guise reached my first rez day.  And what a year it’s been. From pony to partners,domme to slave, wedded bliss to homeless whore.  It has been almost full circle, this ring of life.

But now before the real work begins, I thought it might be nice to add a few of the highlights.  But where to start?


Let’s start up the front.  I was partnered to Alice, my slave, my aussie lover, and still my best friend.  That ended with her wanting things I wasn’t ready for, and me wanting things she was not happy with.  So along came button which was BTW my shortest partnership of all time!  7 days,  then in comes mystie.  A subbie dressed a, domme, learning her place and finally accepting it, then on comes ally,  and that’s where the fun started. And sweet k, who I recruited to cuckold mystie with at mysties request.

Ally was the only true slave that I actually wanted to partner.  But never managed to quite get to that moment.

Sweetk and me where close to working but honestly if we both admit it all, sweetk wasn’t a domme, she was a cuckold queen. And to be fair and was good at that. But that wasn’t enough. And it didn’t fit. No matter how we shave the square peg it f didn’t work. So time for a new strategy! 

Sarah was really working well, right up to the point whey His wife caught him online, and then caught me with his sister ludmila. Now those of you still awake,  will notice I said his for Sarah.  So that ended that.  And me?  I thew myself into petrol heads. Mean while me an lud yeah OK we did it….  Ludmila is Russian,  but in Raleigh works for a coma company.  Who sent her to a warm place,  but not before lu got me pregnant with twins….

Being in the new place and the constrains of the so.  Mullholland,  killed me and Luke,  and honestly that was me done,  way too many stupid mistakes and only two that I regret,  Alice I should have kept….  And ally I should have been quicker and go with my desires. But hey we all live and learn. 


Can’t wont and will not share this but will say this instead.  It was a stormy sea that voyage.  And now safe in harbour.


Collared to…..

Alice, button, morning star, Candice, Alice, mystie, sin, azro, sweet k, Radhi,sweetk. Hymalaya, Brace.

Alice,  two shoes, Victoria, Candice, mystic, Bree, Jessica, Azro, serina. Lillian, Candice, Bree, Kristine, Penelope, Isis Paulinia, , jinrai, cidri,

Paulinia alone is mine at this time.

I learned to fly, to sail, to be myself, and my final act of submission, I now wear the last collar that will grace my neck. It’s been a strange year. But I have grown, I have cried laughed, loved, ducked and drown more than once. 

There was a time I begged lindens, and another I whored for them, now I work for them as tips at the hollow noon dances.
There was a time my life was the blindfold and chained in a stall. Now I am truly free in collar to my owner.  After twenty six years online and offline as a sub and slave,  I finally understand that quote.

Now let’s see where the next year takes me………. Rose xxxx