So this is a paper I wrote some time ago now that after recent events seems to have once more reared its head. I find that things do tend to come in cycles. And this is by no means true of the relationships and counter relationships that seem to affect each other in the greater scheme of things.

It works like this.

Subject a , makes a choice which in reality is already made for the subject by the cosmos, but the subject is allowed to think they made all by themselves. The choice appearance to affect only the subject and there for its perfectly safe to make the choice.

Subject b who has been watching subject a sees the choice made and reacts by making their own choices again its not really their choice as its already been made but they think it is and that all that matters.

Now you can  add as many subjects repeating this over and over like a tree, as you wish. Because the effects can be limitless. But unlike rivers flowing without end, there is no finite resource in this equation.

Everyone keeping up? Ok so, domino effects that now fall into place, can be perpetual. And we would be remiss to dismiss quantum theory and applied human nature. But, the theory of relativity every action has an equal and opposite reaction, can be discarded. Because one choice can be larger than other subjects choices. The fly in this ointment is more likely to be that the cosmos works “imperative perpetual motion ” to achieve balance. 

There is no such thing as a free lunch, but this also applies to desires. You find if you look at almost any desire you pay for it, either in a sacrifice, or blatant payment.. 

Now at this point I am guessing that most of you are wondering what the fuck is she on about? Well let me give you an example…

Subject a decides no longer to be a party to the events of subject  zero.(you or in this case me)  so subject a leaves subject zero, and both continue on their separate paths. Subject c, who wants to play with zero but is watching how subject a, goes on with zero before committing to playing, sees the subject a make the choice, and backs off from playing or even trying to play with zero. Subjects a and c, share the effect of dominos because others see a and c step back and think there is a serious problem with zero, and they also withdraw. Compound this event with emotions and you have the above named theory in an example.

In effect the example serves to answer an excellent theoretical problem with the butterfly effect ( a butterfly flaps its wings in central park and a house is blown away in Croatia.)  But the reality of this only comes to light when you add the theory of relativity. And we can discard such a theory, as the proportions can be unequal. And the properties of the proportions can also be an balanced and not increase exponentially.

This is part one of a multi part post,that is designed to help you to understand me.